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Just a very quick post tonight, sharing some links…

  1. Jana updated the Cards for Kids list HERE.  Please let her know if your name is missing.  I have a few more packages here to go through.  (By the way, she has a great card posted today, too!)
  2. Also, Jana has a great class coming up Thursday at Stamp Your Art Out.  This is a FAB class.  Sign up quick if you haven't taken it – HERE.
  3. Great card ideas HERE.
  4. LOVE the page HERE by Kerri.
  5. And AWESOME card HERE by Jen.  Great step-by-steps showing the Silhouette.

Time to rest and hang out with the hubby.  Night.

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  1. Jane T

    You have some very nice things you share with us. Thanks!!!

  2. Sally Gasparri

    I just love your blog. Reading your blog is like having a conversation with your best friend who also happens to be a card maker and scrapbooker. Keep up the good work.

    Sally Gasparri

  3. It is always so nice to have the hubby home isn’t it. We lead a busy life here too and when everyone is home and we can just spend time together as a family it is so relaxing and comforting. So glad he made it home. Have a great night!

  4. naneruth

    Great links, thanks for posting them for us to see.

  5. Barb :)

    Love the links tonight, Jennifer! Thanks! :)

  6. Great links tonight. You are keeping us “hopping” I love the card you posted, no matter that it is not brand new! Good stamping is always a treat to enjoy.
    Hugs, Pat Smith

  7. Thanks for the great inspiration! I love Papercrafts!!!

  8. Pat Castillo

    Is it too late to send cards for kids?

  9. Sorry, make that ‘links’ bad spellings!! he he

  10. Ok never mind i think my first comment with the bad spellings didn’t go through after all..

    Just wanted to thank you Jennifer for taking the time to share these fab links!!


  11. Amy

    Thanks for the links – alway enjoy looking at all the stuff you point us to!

  12. Jennifer – I agree with Sally above – LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.
    You really do rock.

  13. Mendi Yoshikawa

    Thanks for all your great links! I always leave your blog feeling so inspired–Love that you do all the searching for me too (I don’t know how you keep up on them all). :)

  14. thanks for the links!.. have fun! :D

  15. Jill

    I always enjoy your posts….especially your links! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents! :-)

  16. Sorry if this posts twice. I just wanted to say thank you for the great links! I love coming to this blog!

  17. I really do enjoy the finds that you share with us. Appreciate the links.

  18. Jazy Girl

    Thanks for sharing all the fun!

  19. Mmm, love both of those Silhouette ideas! Thanks!

  20. Thanks for the great links!

  21. Michel E

    Thanks for the links.

  22. Sherrie

    Thanks for sharing! That cup card is just too cute!

  23. {vicki}

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us……..

  24. allison

    Wish I could take Jana’s class! Thanks for more great ideas.

  25. Rhonda Miller

    Thanks for the links. Such great inspiration.

  26. Ruby

    I love the Cup card, will definitely add this blog to my bookmarks. I hate to say that I have purchased the Silhouette and have yet to use it… too many other tools out there, but this has inspired me to use the instructions to take the Silhoutte out for a spin! Wish me luck!

  27. Sue D

    I always enjoy the links you post!

  28. Jennifer I just love walking through your gallery, if your not sharing your own beautiful creations you are sharing links for us to view artwork or information elsewhere! .. you share so much Sunshine and Creativity with everyone that I wanted to share some with you! Come to my blog to pick up your Sunshine Award!


    ~Sherry D

  29. Linda

    Thanks for reminding me of Jana’s card class. Just signed up!

  30. Elizabeth C

    Thanks for sharing some stuff. Great links.

  31. Gabriele

    Thanks for the links. I like being pointed into new directions :) .

  32. PAM

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the link to the Silhouette site and the blog. I’ve owned my Silhouette for almost two years now and I only use it to do basic cutting. This will inspire me to do more with it, I know!

    Also, I love the look of the dry embossing you do on your cards sometimes. Can you remind me, please, what machine you use to do this. I don’t own an embossing machine and would love to get one. I have a special card to make for a very good friend’s birthday and dry embossing would add that special touch.

    Thanks again!

  33. christina~indiana

    TFS these links! oh boy the internet can get you into trouble :)

  34. Rose

    Thanks for getting me addicted to MORE blogs, lol.

  35. mary pat

    Thanks for the great links. i have the sillohuete but i dont have it hooked up. i havent used it in about a year. i am going to have to get it out again. thanks

  36. Thanks for the links, I’m off to check them out!

  37. Roz Rhorer

    I’m signed up for Jana’s class on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to it.
    You both inspire me so much.

  38. Thanks for all the links.
    Enjoy your hubby time.

  39. cher

    somedays I really wish I had a sillouette! oh well…luv the links …very pretty cards as you say! glad the hubster is back, makes life easier lol…tyvm

  40. cheryl l.

    Missed your posts! I was in Seattle for the weekend…great trip. I’m hoping I get in your 2 classes at Stampaway!

  41. Cynthia B.

    You give out the best links! Thanks for all the inspiration. :)

  42. Leigh

    Thanks for sharing. That coffee mug card and instructions are great. Will be needing to add the Silhouette to my wish list.

  43. heather i

    It’s so nice how you post these great links!! Your the best Jennifer!!

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