The flowers are blooming…

Spring is here, and I just love it.  That means it is almost time to plant flowers, which I am addicted to. 

In the meantime, I thought I would share some flowers I made last year for Creating Keepsakes.  Each showcases a different idea or technique. I hope a few of them inspire you!

Flowers - Red
Flowers - Orange
Flowres - Yellow
Flowers - Green
Flowers - Blue
Flowers- Purple

(c) Creating Keepsakes.  For more information, cling HERE.

My sweet husband is still stuck in Germany.  I told him to start swimming.  :)   Night!

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  1. Donna C.

    Well, you sure make me want to run and make flowers. Beautiful. TFS. Hear the planes are starting to fly, fingers crossed that your hubby will soon be home.

    Donna C.

  2. lan amphone

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I want to make some.

  3. Bridget N

    Oh my heavens to Betsy, those were some fantastic flowers! I love the colors and brightness and COLORS! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Kelley

    Jennifer, I hear flights are leaving Europe. I pray Ken arrives soon.

  5. Sharon D. from Canada

    Yummy! Especially love the double red (felt?) with the stitching and ladybug and the accordion fold blue one with the felt button center!
    Hope your hubs (and the rest of the stranded folks) will be home soon!

  6. Charmaine

    cute flower ideas. love the beaded purple one. hope your honey makes it home soon!


  7. Caryl Faith

    Yummy eye candy. thanks for the share.

  8. Becky Andersen

    Wow these are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! I hope your dh doesn’t drown trying to swim home!!! :)

  9. These are so awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! I hope your hubby doesn’t drown trying to swim home! :) Hope he’ll be walking through your front door soon!

  10. Thank you so much! You have totally inspired me and made me (smile)!

  11. Lillian Child

    Oh my gosh – I could spend HOURS duplicating these gorgeous flowers – and probably will ! Thanks for ALL that inspiration!

  12. Oh la la Jennifer…all of these flower are so delightful and yummy! Love the beaded ones, ribbon ones, fabric…all so unique and love the range and color combos too. I hope that darn ash cloud evaporates so your darling Ken can come home. Thinking of you and sending hugs! Oh…send him shopping …for something wonderful :)

  13. Rose

    What a gorgeous collection of flowers! Thanks for the inspiration all in one spot! AWESOME!

  14. cher

    wow these are great! wish Ihad never bought all the flowers I did ages ago! Really hope your hubster gets home soon…hard to single parent! and gez! no more cutting your fingers girl! keep it dry…and gloved if you are gonna delve into the garden lol

  15. Becs Attwood

    What a gorgeous collection of fun flowers – that will never droop or fade like real ones! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Faith Maupin

    So pretty! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  17. mary pat

    those flowers jennifer are sooo wonderful. i just love all the color!

  18. laura j

    It seems that everywhere I look there are homemade flowers!!! Love them all!

  19. barbara lassiter

    Just found these flowers. They are great. Thanks for sharing!. Hopefully your husband can safely return home soon.

  20. KathyK

    great ideas for flowers!!

  21. Sonia

    Hello Jennifer~ these flowers are fantastic!
    Just add that to the list of reasons you are a top notch crafting talent.
    Love coming to your blog for motivation & inspiration.
    Just beautiful!

  22. Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy

    WOW! I think I remember seeing those somewhere and LOVED them then and now!

  23. marla H.

    Love the flowers. I havent been successful yet with making paper flowers that I like the looks of but you do GREAT work!!

  24. bluemoon

    I’m toadally in love with your flowers, wish I could make those! They’re awesome and soo pretty!

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