Have time, need stamps?

ETA:  I have enough offers already – oh my!  Thanks, everyone!


If you have ever taken a class from me, you know that I prep each card kit big time so we can maximize what we learn and get done in class.  This means many things are pre-stamped and pre-embossed.

I have many big classes coming up over the next several months, which means lots of prep. So, I am looking for a couple people that could possibly help me out here and there.  

Basically, say I need 120 things pre-stamped and pre-embossed.  I would send you the paper, stamps and embossing stuff… you would do them… send them back to me.  The catch?  It usually has to be a quick turn around and done VERY well.  This is a job for fast perfectionists. :)

In exchange, I would give you lots of stamps that are left from my previous classes.  So, basically, they may have been used once or twice.  Ask anyone – I am very generous.  :)   And, if the job is bigger, I can get some newer stamps for you, too.

My friend Sandi recently cut a ton of things for me in exchange for stamps and it worked out great. Looking for a few more people.

If you are interested, please email me to the address on the sidebar with "KIT" in the title.  In the message, just let me know where you live.  I am sorry to say that this is for US folks only – you know I rarely say that.  I will not be able to reply to everyone – sorry – but I will randomly pick a few to get started with.

Thanks, stampers!

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  1. M. Fosco

    Are you kidding? What a terrific opportunity to be a part of one of your classes-like a sous-Jennifer!

  2. dmatthews

    I would love to help out, but could not find your e-mail address!
    Please e-mail me if you still need help.

  3. Lila

    I’m totally in!!!! but when I click on the email it says your email is not properly installed and won’t come up.

  4. Donna C.

    I would so love to be part of your projects but I also cannot e-mail you. So will hope to hear from you.

    Donna C.

  5. Jennifer you are always so very generous!

  6. Heidi

    Love to help but live in the Netherlands:(
    Have lots of free time.

  7. Wow! that is amazing!!! You are awesome!
    Unfortunately, I am perfectionist but I am not a fast stamper :(
    I have always admire how you whip those amazing & beautiful cards in minutes…and you make it look so easy too!
    Have a great day!

  8. heidi

    I have sent you an email. Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. Kelly

    Not sure if email went through, but I’d love to help too. I’m in Cincinnati and could possibly pick up supplies somewhere to save on postage.

  10. Andrea Mette

    Sent you an email – would LOVE to help you out!

  11. I emailed you too. :)

  12. christine

    I would love to help you. My specialty is mass production!!!! I make cards every Thanksgiving for our clients, around 200. I made 100 wedding invitations last summer for my daughters friend. I would love to help!!!!!!!!

  13. The email tab didn’t work for me, if you still need somebody I would love to help.

  14. wish I could help but I’m overseas :/

  15. Jazy Girl

    Would love to help! I had trouble with the e-mail tab and not sure it went through. I do a lot of mass producing cards.

  16. Oh me too! Wish I can help but i do not stay in US!

  17. Sarah M

    Yep, you’re generous. :) I’d love to join the fun. Too bad I’m north of the border. I’m sure you’ll get lots of help. :)

  18. Missy

    Sent you an e-mail. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  19. Lily

    I would love to help but couldn’t email you. Please let us know how we can get in contact with you to forward the information I need. Thanks Jennifer

  20. Chuckling cuz I know how much time (massive amount of man hours) and attention is necessary in prepping for classes, having an event coming up that I teach at every year, involving 225 participants . . . And, if you ever figure out the secret to eliminating the last minute aspects of it, I beg you to clue me in! ;)

  21. Lin

    Email sent earlier, Jennifer! What a fab opportunity!

  22. Angie

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m a stay at home Mom and would love to help you with anything. However, I am unable to get your e-mail address. I live in Utah and think this would be awesome! Please contact me if you are still looking for helpers! Anytime!

  23. Rhonda Miller

    I just sent you an email. This sounds like fun.

  24. Janice

    Wow what a great opportunity to pay back all that you do for us. Unfortunately, I am one of the many Canadians that read your blog daily. So I wish you luck with finding the right people and hope they have fun.

  25. Elizabeth aka scramper75

    WOW what a great oppurtunity. Just wish I could help, I just do not have the time :(

  26. Angela W

    So fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Sharon

    WOW….this is awesome. I tell my friend that owns my LSS how you get so much help doing things. She runs her store (working 5-7 days a week) and tries to do it all herself (kits, clubs,samples, blogs, etc…) . She wears herself sooo thin. I told her you get help from people and that your neighbor girl kits up stuff for you….she was amazed! Hey, you gotta get hel and she is working on that. :)

  28. debbie susee

    Ok, I couldn’t get the email link to work for me either. I would love to help you kit. I’ve done it for a friend a few times. I can stamp, cut, etc. I don’t feel quite as confident about my heat embossing because I always seem to get extra little dots but..I’m fast and i have the time.
    Debbie in Dinuba, CA.

  29. Angel Estes

    Would so love to do this!

  30. I really wish I could help with this…
    However I am going to be going out of town in a couple of weeks, so i’m sure that would interfere with helping you out. But you’re awesome! I hope you post something like this again if you ever need help with anything else in the future. :)

    ~ Ayana

  31. Paula Fuller

    I would love to help, and can provide a quick turnaround. I love stamping and everyone considers me a perfectionist. I have learned a great deal and enjoy following your blog and videos from Two Peas…. Look forward to hearing from you.
    I live in Yorktown, VA.

  32. Jennifer, love this idea so much…and I would LOVE to help you. I know how long it takes to do so much in prep for this kind of stuff, and I love doing it! I emailed you… hope to hear from you. :) Sharon Trumble

  33. gina f.

    I sent you an email; hope it went thru. Have a great day! Thank you!!

  34. Paula Fuller

    I am responding again to this comment section because I couldn’t find your email address, so I hope this serves as a response to your request. I do have the time to assist you, as I am retired. Again, I live in Yorktown, VA. I hope someday you come this way for classes.

  35. I would love to do it for you, but since I live to far away, and the mail between US and Norway takes to long – I’m not the one that you are looking for =) Have a great day!

  36. Victoria in Ohio

    I emailed you – I’m local :-0

  37. marla H.

    Oh boo hooo – It looks like I missed out. Would have LOVED to help you!! Maybe next time!!

  38. cher

    darn! would help u in a heartbeat..maybe in the future, just email me if you need help from MI…anytime!

  39. Shoot! I missed out on this one. I’ve had company & haven’t had a chance to keep up with my blogs :(

  40. Jennifer

    I had a ball cutting out things for you:) Yes, she is very

    Enjoy the weather it is going to be over 60 tomorrow!!!

    Sandi N.

  41. Dana C.

    I would love to help too Jennifer but I am north of you in Canada and may take a while to get things back to you. Hope that you are blessed with great help and that your classes go great.

  42. Rhonda Midyett

    Can’t find your e-mail address. I would love to help ! You have given me so many ideas to start card making and awesome scrapbook idea layouts! I live in Baton Rouge , Louisiana :) let me know if I can be part of your team . God bless!

  43. WOW……….I would love to help….in fact I could include them with my cards for kids…..as well…..I do not work and have all the time you need…..I live in the #1 and #2 mailing center in the world….UPS (DH works at) and FEDEX…so you could have them in hours…..
    gloria westerman

  44. What fun…you are crazy! I bet you got a bajillion responses right away. All kinds of folks will do a whole lot of things for stamps. Happy Birthday to Colin on Thursday, great to share a birthday with a cute kid!

  45. Darn, I’m too late. :(

    Hopefully I’ll make it for the next one. :)

  46. miriam graziier

    Shame it’s only for the US – sounds great fun. If anything came up in the UK you could count me in!


  47. Solgunn

    Aah, I would have loved to help you out, but I totaly understand that this is for US folks only. By the way, do you have any online classes coming up?

  48. Ketena

    I know I am too late this time. I also know I will not ever be able to take one of your classes but I would love to help you prepare sometime, for free, no strings attached. I love to keep busy and tend to be a perfectionist. email any time you need some extra help.

  49. Ronda Upton

    I also would love to help. I live in N. Cal. My e-mail is cowbelleru@sbcglobal.net. I also help another crafter do prep work if you would like a reference.

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