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Have time, need stamps?

ETA:  I have enough offers already – oh my!  Thanks, everyone!


If you have ever taken a class from me, you know that I prep each card kit big time so we can maximize what we learn and get done in class.  This means many things are pre-stamped and pre-embossed.

I have many big classes coming up over the next several months, which means lots of prep. So, I am looking for a couple people that could possibly help me out here and there.  

Basically, say I need 120 things pre-stamped and pre-embossed.  I would send you the paper, stamps and embossing stuff… you would do them… send them back to me.  The catch?  It usually has to be a quick turn around and done VERY well.  This is a job for fast perfectionists. πŸ™‚

In exchange, I would give you lots of stamps that are left from my previous classes.  So, basically, they may have been used once or twice.  Ask anyone – I am very generous.  :)  And, if the job is bigger, I can get some newer stamps for you, too.

My friend Sandi recently cut a ton of things for me in exchange for stamps and it worked out great. Looking for a few more people.

If you are interested, please email me to the address on the sidebar with "KIT" in the title.  In the message, just let me know where you live.  I am sorry to say that this is for US folks only – you know I rarely say that.  I will not be able to reply to everyone – sorry – but I will randomly pick a few to get started with.

Thanks, stampers!