Class coming up… and some Ideaology goodness…

If you are in the Cincinnati area, I have a class coming up in Dayton at Simply Scrapbooks.  You can find information HERE.  Jana is teaching a class that day, too – it is a good one.

I am really busy these days – getting ready for a class I am co-teaching with Tim Holtz at a rep show in a couple weeks.  (It is a Ranger/Hero Arts class – sooooo fun.) 

But I wanted to pop in and share something quickly.  I did this for Tim's Ideaology booth at CHA… and I saw it was used in an ad in the recent CK.  The photo is by Lisa Russo – that girl amazes me.  All products are Ideaology – including the new papers…

010110 Ranger Time Flies
Supplies: All products Ideaology from Tim Holtz

I am loving THESE new clocks SO much.  Great for masculine cards…


Also, if you haven't bought it yet, go get it – THIS book by Tim is great – shows lots of step shots.


And can't wait to use THESE.  Want to tuck a little message on the top and then stick it into a flower embellishment on a card.  So fun…

OK… enough quick enabling for this evening.  Off to watch a mindless movie with Audrey.  Smooch.

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  1. I love that layout……and Tim’s clock faces rock…..with the wings…time flies……PERFECT!

  2. Barb M.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the book and the clock faces. Fun. I did get the note holders but have not used them yet. I saw that ad in the new CK and my first thought was ‘that has to be by Jennifer McGuire as that looks like her boy.’ Great layout.

  3. Patty

    Hi, there! It’s been a looooong time since I’ve taken time to browse stamping stuff. Always love your creations, and this is no exception. Such a darling page, I absolutely love it, even more so the sentiment and flying clocks! Makes me want to hug my little ones, too!

  4. Candy

    Love the LO Jennifer! And the clock faces are wonderful. I hadn’t seen the memo pins before – I need to find them! I am registered for your class, and Jana’s – making a day of it!!

  5. Love the layout! Thanks for posting a scrapbook page–scrapbooking is my passion so I love it when you post Scrapbook pages!

  6. cher

    that boy is wayyyyyyyyyy too cute! I like this lay out tons!

  7. Angie

    Hi Jennifer,
    Imagine my surprise when I was at one of our local craft stores yesterday, when I picked up a “pamphlet” in the Hero Arts stamp section of the store. I flipped through the pages, and on the back page was a layout with the cutest little guy on it. Yep, it was Colin!! I said to my friend, I know this little boy! She thought I was crazy, but I do feel like we’ve come to know him a little bit. Anyway, just wanted to share. Have a great Sunday.
    Angie (in Utah)

  8. Thanks for all of the great ideas! I am coming to your and Jana’s classes…can’t wait!

  9. Marilyn Nimmo

    What a wonderful page – such a cute boy!

  10. ReNi

    Great composition. I like stitches on layouts :)

  11. Janine

    Time flies…boy, isn’t that the truth with your kids growing up (sigh). Love the layout and that cute little grin of his! Let us know where the class is going to be that you’re teaching with Tim. By any chance, are you coming to the Mega Meet where Tim will be teaching in Michigan??? Please??? :-)

  12. What a great layout. The colors are fabulous. And the picture is so cute.

  13. lois skiathitis

    That’s a cool LO, such a cute boyish grin on Colin’s face. I love anything Tim Holtz, have fun teaching with him. I have his book on order, can’t wait to get that. TFS!!! Jennifer. :-D

  14. wow!!!.. thanks loads for sharin!

  15. jan metcalf

    Such an endearing layout!!

  16. Looooove this page!!!

  17. Great page layout and all the supplies that were used are beautiful. I think I may need to go and buy some. I have all the supplies to make my gal pals cards but not the guys.

  18. Kelley

    Yes, time does fly! Our GRANDDAUGHTER is 14 months old and the changes are amazing. It’s hard to believe our daughter is a mother, she is still our little girl. Great layout and such a cute little boy.

  19. Anita

    I love this page. The embellishments are awesome.

  20. Jennifer

    Colin looks so cute with his tiny toes hanging off the dock. Love the blues and greens togeher.

    Wow those picks look like fun!

    We also had a movie night at home too.

    Sandi N.

  21. Kelly

    great layout. Your son is complete cuteness. Nice clocks!

  22. Bonnie

    Your little guy is just sooooo cute !!!! I love these clocks from TIM !!They add such a nice touch to your page. Thanks for sharing and enabling us too!!

  23. I already have the book. It is wonderful!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the clocks & the picks. Colin is such a cutie, he’ll be four this month right?? My Ethan is going to be 4 tomorrow. It is amazing how quickly they grow up. We also have a 6 1/2 year old named Carter and I am hopeful that we will have another on within the next year or so.

  24. cher

    luvvvvvv this! so much! tyJeni

  25. Maureen Chandler

    Hope your son is better from the croup – one of mine had it too – very scary! Love your cards and I am looking forward to seeing what you make with Tim Holtz. Have fun! Maureen

  26. Karen Linkogle

    You and Tim – together – oh the places we will go!!!

  27. Victoria in Ohio

    I saw that LO somewhere – maybe the ad and knew it was Colin -he is so adorable.
    Love your work!

  28. Crystal

    thanks for sharing such a cute layout!!

  29. very lovely layout! that photo is precious!

  30. very lovely layout!

  31. Great LO…. fab photo. Have got Tim’s book, just waiting for delivery.

  32. Wish I lived near Dayton so I could take your class! Great layout.

  33. Your LO is beautiful Jennifer and this is the cutest picture ever! :-)

  34. ligia

    That layout is beautiful, Colin is so cute. It is right next to your article.

  35. Thanks so much for my turquoise Copic markers!
    When they arrived I immediately grabbed some junk mail and started blending!!!
    LOVE them!
    And btw, LOVE Tim’s book, too!!!

  36. I love those little pins!

  37. Lillian Child

    What a super sweet layout – time does really “fly” when it comes to our children growing up. My first grandchild is almost two and I am cherishing each knew discovery he makes. I just got a copy of Tim’s new book and love all the illustrations and ideas – he is truly a papercrafting rock star!

  38. I love the layout and have all this stuff on pre-order from Bluemoon Scrapbooking…can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  39. Just love that page! Your son is such a cutie!! I wish I was in the Cincinnati area…. ahhh too bad! Have fun giving the class!

  40. Karen Kellenberger

    I saw that layout, too, and thought it was wonderful! My oldest is going to be 16 in a month & this layout just hit home. Time does fly! Thanks for all of the ideas you share!

  41. Michelle L

    I love that layout. You are such a baaaad enabler these days ;) (love it) I too just watched a movie with the kids. It was nice and relaxing and just pleasant to be with them. Enjoy your break with the girls! :)

  42. Sharon D. from Canada

    Wish I lived close enough to take your class! And yet I can’t really be sad – I’m very thankful that you’re so very generous in sharing your terrific projects online!!!
    Adorable picture of Colin! The clocks are a great accent – and I love the sentiment you chose.

  43. marla H.

    Very cute LO!! Love the clocks!!

  44. This is absolutely stunning! I really need to get my hands on some of that ideaology stuff! I really love it!

  45. Kathy Gallagher

    Thanks for the heads up on the class in Dayton. Signed up for both classes. Looking forward to meeting you.
    Love, love, love your work!!

  46. Barbara Keeler

    love the layout with Colin just love that little guy.

  47. Tara C.

    The book is great–I have poured over it and poured over it I love Tim and all of his idealogy line!!!!

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