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Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share these cards from 2peas.  They were fun to make – simple, but fun.  And such a great way to use scraps…

021510 Birds JenMcGuire

021510 Birds 2 JenMcGuire
(c)  Supplies and instructions can be found there.

The birds are actually from THIS punch.  I just cut the little heart from their mouth.  I look forward to having this bird carry many things – hearts, flowers, tiny envelopes, etc.


And, I get a lot of questions about those Chocolate notecards.  They are actually hard to find now, but I just love the color…


I have been answering more questions HERE… hoping to get caught up tonight.  Also, we all have a lot of fun over on Twitter.  (I enjoy it so much more than Facebook.)  You can find me HERE.

OK… off to spend the day in the wonderful weather here in Florida!  And, if you are ever in the area, you should visit She Scrapbooks – what an amazing store.  I stopped in there to see it and happened to run into Donna Downey teaching there.  Adore that girl.

Have a good one…

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  1. Barbara

    Guess I’m gonna have to have that punch too!! LOL

  2. My goodness those cards look like big blocks of chocolate! Lol… Perfect color choices. Love MS punches.

  3. Sarah M

    LOVE these cards! I’ve been on a frenzy trying to use up scraps with my MS butterfly punch… I think I need to get a different punch… Can only have so many butterflies. :)

  4. Heidi

    Lovely cards.Great punch.

  5. Love how you used the birds to hold up the banner. So cute!

  6. I have to tell you that I love your simple cards more than anything! So quick and always super cute! I need to just take a whole day a whip out a ton.

    BTW I quite enjoy the slushy wet snow we’re having!LOL!! JK have fun enjoying your sunny skies in FL. Call me jealous!

  7. Barb :)

    Love these, Jennifer!! What a cute set of cards!! The birds are so fun!!Enjoy that Florida weather! Wish I was there too!!

  8. Barb :)

    Love these, Jennifer!! What a cute set of cards!! The birds are so fun!!Enjoy that Florida weather! Wish I was there too!!

  9. wow, I’ve always wondered how people used those tiny detailed punches. THANKS!

  10. bellissime! semplici, pulite e di grande effetto!

  11. OH, my goodness gracious, I just love these cards! They are so amazingly cute!!!

  12. Deb

    How funny that you ran into Donna Downey–I love her work! The cards are so fun!

  13. christina b.~indiana

    love the color combo and the little “love birds”
    TFS…enjoy Florida

  14. ReNi

    simple & cute!

  15. So SWEET! love it!

  16. Very sweet cards Jennifer!

  17. Pat Castillo

    How simple and elegant…Love it!

  18. Sharon D. from Canada

    Super cute!!! The banner and birds remind me of the birds helping with the ribbons on Cinderella’s dress!

  19. The brown notecards might be from Memory Box …love the color…Anne, yourmainestamper

  20. Hey, I’m in Florida, too!! Although I live here! LOL I’m in Coral Springs (just North of Ft. Lauderdale). Enjoy your trip!

  21. Marla H.

    Great cards Jennifer and love that cute birdie!!

  22. Great cards. I love reading your Q&A’s. Thank you for doing that:)

  23. Verona H

    I love your cards, and want that punch! I had bookmarked the She Scrapbooks shop a couple weeks ago to go to when we go down to FL next week to see Spring Training. If I go to 5 games with him–then I’m due one scrapbooking shop—– right? That was about the ratio in AZ last March. Love your blog.

  24. Elizabeth

    More great cards, love the birdie punch.

  25. Love your cards and the punch, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing!

  26. lois skiathitis

    These cards are so sweet. I’m loving that punch. TFS!!! Jennifer.

  27. Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and taking a rest. Shari was great on QVC last night and Tim was brill too… so much fun. Great to get them over this side of the pond.

  28. Karen from Ontario

    great punch….so tempting to buy….

  29. Nicole

    I just purchased that punch, and then I thought about returning it. But now I can really see those birds flying all over my cards! Thanks for the insperation!

  30. Jennifer

    Your bird punch cards are so cute. Your so creative thinking ways to
    use this bird punch in so many ways:)

    I am enjoying reading all the answers on formspring.

    I hope the good weather follows you back. I am so tired of the gray skies and snow.

    Sandi N.

  31. Shirley Lee

    Great idea using the bird punch to hold the message. Love the look of the card, too! Enjoyed looking at sites that you recommend to us, too. Great video at HA today! I’ve been hesitant to use the digital images. Now I’m ready thanks to your video. Hope the weather improves before you return home!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  32. crystal

    Love these little birds. I saw that punch on clearance at Michael’s last week but I didn’t think I would use it. After seeing these I ran back there today and they had one left Yeah! It was with the Valentine’s clearance. Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas you share each day.
    Hugs from Canada

  33. Thanks for being such a constant source of inspiration! Now I will look at punches on a different light. I used to think of them as cheating but, now I see that they can give your more opportunities for making multiples. You rock!!!!! So happy you are having a great well deserved vacation. Hugs,Kathy

  34. Nan G

    What a neat idea with the bird punch! Love it when I hear new ways to make the punch a little different. Thanks.

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