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Many people are emailing me asking about my Copic storage.  I took a new photo that is slightly better so you can see how it works in my workspace.  Now that it is part of my room, I am even more thrilled with it.

020810 Copics 1

Even if you aren't into Copics (yet – ha), you can store pencils, other markers, etc in these.  I am likely going to get two more for that purpose.  I am in love with these – they work so well.  If you are interested in this storage, click HERE.  (Nope, I am not being paid – just like them. :)

I remember when I was young, I looked at the colors of the world in DMC color numbers.  Then it was Bazzill names.  Then ink names.  Now – Copic numbers.  Delightful. :)

020810 Copics

One more thing – you gotta check this out.  My sweet friend Kristina is giving out the most adorable set of word art for free on her blog.  I plan to print this on white for quick Valentines for teachers, etc.  Click HERE to get your free goodies.


Off to snuggle with the pup.  Night!

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  1. I have Xmas money burning a whole in my pocket. Debating on breaking down and getting some Copics. I told myself I was going to actually use some of my stamps this year!

  2. you can store them either way. i just like to see the number tops from my seat in my room.

  3. Pat

    Thanks for the free sentiments! I need to get my woodcrafting hubbie to build me some great craft storage. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Kathy G.

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the link for Kristina’s Valentines Day word art.
    So cute. I love that storage case for Copic’s. Those are the best pens and my favorite so far.
    I just started coloring with them and I don’t like anything else. I love to do shading with them.
    It’s so easy “Even a cavewoman can do it”! LOL! Seriously, i am new to card making and all your
    wonderful tips and videos have helped me so much. I gave my first class to my grown daughter and
    her friend. We had so much fun!!

  5. great storage idea! I am so jealous, so many beautiful shades of copic!

  6. Thank you so much for the link to Kristina’s download. It’s awesome! Right now, I only have small collection of Copics. Working to add more.:)

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