Tami has…

… The best make and take ever… So pretty!

Tami has...

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  1. Kelly

    that looks so cool!

  2. oh, so pretty! i just love that stamp….

  3. Terry Perry

    very pretty

  4. Eileen Velez

    That looks very pretty!

  5. Allison

    Pretty! Please come back a show us the techniques used on this card!

  6. chantille

    Ditto to what Allioson said! Just beautiful.

  7. Debra B.

    I’m gonna “need” that stamp, aren’t I???

  8. Hope you are having enough fun for all of us!

  9. Barb :)

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing this! And I agree…You HAVE TO show us how this is done!!! PLEASE!?

  10. Barb :)

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing this! And I agree…You HAVE TO show us how this is done!!! PLEASE!?

  11. Caroline

    I have that stamp and You MUST pretty please :-) share with us how to make that card.
    Please, please, please

  12. What in the world?? How did she pull that off? Definetly need to see that technique or techniques.

  13. Oooo! Hope to see the whole card soon! Looks awesome!

  14. Pat Castillo

    Love it! Would also love to know how it was done! ;)

  15. Barb M.

    You are correct! Lovely. When you have the time, I would love to read all about it!

  16. jan metcalf

    I hope you will give the tutorial on the blog asa well! So pretty!!

  17. cher

    well tell us more girlfriend! it looks very pretty! I can tell you are having fun…you are typing wayyyyy less lol…enjoy! cher

  18. Anita

    I am loving your CHA photos. This is so cute.

  19. Edna Burgess

    Love this card. My friend has ordered the stamp and can’t wait to try it out. Edna

  20. lynne rudolph

    I love that stamp!

  21. Virginia L.

    So wish I were there!!! Drooling here!!

  22. Looks like a fun one!! And looks like you are having a blast!! Wish I was there!

  23. Eleanor

    very eye catching! Would love a tutorial!

  24. Sassy

    That is gorgeous! Now, I just need a step-by-step on how to do it!

  25. Beautiful, oooh, was that the one she did for the blog hop? Lovee that stamp!

  26. Totally stunning…leave it to Tami…I LOVE all of her creations and her big heart!!!! I hope you gals are still having a blast so happy for you all. I know it’s a lot of work too!!!!! Hugs,Kathy

  27. That is gorgeous! Tell us more!

  28. mj

    loved to hear more how-did-they-create that details … looks fun and like there are several steps!

  29. Jennifer

    I would love to lean more on this technique.
    When you recover from CHA would you pretty
    please demo this to us. She did a great job!!!

    Sandi N.

  30. jeri

    This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!

    Please, please, please share with us

  31. Debbie F.

    I’m guessing she stamped the image in clear over text paper or text-stamped paper, embossed with clear powder, then used ink (distress ink?) to fill in the un-embossed areas? (It took awhile to come up with this guess!)

  32. I would love to know how that is done…so pretty!

  33. Maureen Chandler

    I just love this poppy stamp and am still trying to get one. I was able to purchase the daisy stamp but the store was out of the poppy one! I am still trying…

    Glad you had fun at the show! Maureen

  34. Gorgious, how did you do this?

  35. Carol

    I really love this…ALOT ! Please share the details with us. I would love to do this for Mother’s day.
    Carol from MD

  36. D

    You’re a TEASE! :-)
    How was it made? What does the finished product look like?

  37. Tara capewell

    OHH i like this card how is it done???

  38. That is pretty! Wish there was a video.

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