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A bit of enabling…

Just a quick post tonight to share a few of my new favorite things.  (And, yes, I am feeling much better.  Not 100%, but the pain is tons less!  Thanks for the well wishes.)

First up… a bit of enabling for all my Copic friends out there.  I have been struggling with storage of my Copics – trying many different things.  I really wanted something where I could keep color families together and easily pull them all out at once.  And, I wanted something I could easily see from the side.

Then, I found the perfect solution, thanks to sweet Heather.  I can't say enough good things about this new system – Color Cubbies.  Amazing.  Built well, lovely white, slightly tilted, perfectly perfect.  I have 4 of the units and it is just right.  Here is a (bad) photo – I don't have all my markers in there, but it gives you an idea.  (Colin likes to steal them and color away!)  I just love this system.  If you are interested in buying any, please visit HERE – the gal there is very kind.  (You can also see Heather's set up HERE and Jana's HERE.)


I am in the middle of redoing my studio – thanks to a new flat screen tv I got for Christmas – and I will re-photograph my cubbies when they are set in their new home.

Next up – a bit of wall decor.

Ken and I love HUGE canvas wrap photos.  We have had two above our sofa for quite some time, waiting to find the perfect third piece to complete the look.  Then I found Red Letter Words.  For Christmas, I had her make a wrap canvas for Ken, using the names of our favorite beaches/bays from the Caribbean.  It looks fabulous in real life, but this photo gives you the idea, even though it isn't a good shot… (In real life, the walls are dark chocolate – love them.)


She will create a canvas with any words you want.  Check her out HERE.  Makes a great gift.

(And, nope – I wasn't paid to say I like these things.  I just like them.  πŸ™‚

Off to watch The Usual Suspects.  Night.