So sorry I disappeared there for several days.  I was out at Hero Arts out in California and I just adore being there.  The team is so passionate, loyal, FUN, kind, generous, loving and brilliant.  I enjoy those moments with them, so I never really got out my computer to post. I am not just saying this so you all think Hero Arts is as wonderful as I do.  I just am telling you this because I always like to hear of good companies out there.  Makes me feel better about the world, ya know? 

Anyway… I have a giveaway for a lucky winner.  I have been trying lots of adhesives to find one to replace my discontinued kokuyo adhesive.  (By the way, I hear someone supposedly is buying the line, but not sure if that is true.)  I found one I think is good – the Tombow Permanent Adhesive Dots Dispenser.  So I thought i would give one away here, along with my absolute favorite foam adhesive – the EK Success 3-D Dots White Adhesive Foam Squares.  They come in 1/16" and 1/8" thick – I use both.  LOVE them.  Anyway, here is what the winner is getting…


And the lucky winner is… CraftyGirlfromMG!  I will email you.  (By the way, I am now giving away stuff randomly to someone who left a comment on the post from the day before.  Love the unexpected gifts. :)

082309 Thanks Butterfly U
Supplies: Click HERE.

I am going catch up with life-online.  If you have anything worth sharing, let me know. 

Oh, and am I the only one who JUST realized that Thanksgiving is next week?  Oh my. 


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  1. Beth Perrotta

    It sounds like Hero Arts in CA was lots of fun! I’d love to go out there and see all of the goodies they have in store for 2010. As for Thanksgiving, I can’t wait! We’ve been planning our family reunion for 3 years. It’s finally here!

  2. Maria

    So glad to hear you had a great time in California. It’s nice having you back!

    I love the card with the blue butterfly, so cute.

    Nope, your not the only one that just realized Thanksgiving is next week. Wowzers how did it get here so quick?

  3. ivy

    i love the colors you used on your card! beautiful!

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and a great time! Love that little card with the butterfly standing out! Love, Alex

  5. Luz

    Jennifer, I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. it has given me so much inspiration and creativity! Im new to stamping and so far I love it!! Love the butterfly card.

  6. Eleanor

    The days are passing way too fast!! And before I know it, 2010 will be here. It is great to stay busy and enjoy life but time is moving too fast! Love the butterfly card, so bright and colorful.

  7. Que bueno ir de viaje con buen tiempo, me alegro. Esta tarjeta es preciosa, me encantan tus trabajos.

  8. Karen C

    Love the butterfly card! The shading is so lovely. Have a great weekend and a great Thanksgiving next week!

  9. Tejal

    Holy smokes, that is one the best cards i have ever seen..i hope you don’t mind if i save it to CASE it later.

    Its just awesome!

  10. Suce

    Missed you, Jennifer! The card you posted is so pretty!

  11. Carolyn E

    Welcome back!

    I was hoping either you or Ali Edwards would find an alternative to Kokuyo! But I will be VERY VERY happy if someone did buy the line, I LOVE that adhesive! I only have a few refills left and cannot find anymore anywhere! :(

    After seeing it in my LSS (that’s what they replaced Kokuyo with) I did a search about it and I had read that the Tombow Permanent Adhesive doesn’t stay stuck after awhile. Maybe they changed their formula? Not sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to
    try it, I guess.


  12. Brianna

    glad you had fun in California. Who wouldn’t? :)

  13. Shirley Lee

    Glad you had a good trip and the weather cooperated for you. Love your card, so sweet. I agree with you about Thanksgiving! We are going out to a restaurant this year because we have had so much stress lately, and I didn’t want to fix a big dinner. Now we are decorating for the holidays, and I’m loving every minute of it. Love all the colors of Christmas! Have a great week-end. Congratulations to all the card drive winners!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  14. Very pretty! Love the flowers and the cute butterfly. :o ) TFS!

  15. Gorgeous card, Jennifer. I follow you on Twitter too. I feel like a scrapbook stalker… but I really do love your work and your attitude!
    Heather B

  16. Susan

    thanks…I really love when you guys check things out to find your favorites. it keeps my budget in check so i can spend $ on the good stuff!!! thanks for all the inspiration and your creative spirit.

  17. Kerry

    *LOVE* this butterfly card! Glad you’re home again!

  18. Cathy

    Jennifer, I am thankful that you share your amazing creativity with us through your blog!

  19. Suz

    Hi Jennifer, I still have a couple Kokuyo adhesive refills in my stash but have started being more selective & frugal how I use it. I like the Tombow & Glue Arts but they still aren’t my little “Koo”


  20. Nope, I realized it as well and had a panic attack…LOL

  21. Laura

    Beautiful card!

  22. Michelle LeVeque

    I hope u feel better soon! I am just finishing up a chest cold. Our favorite tradition is watching all the original Christmas shows, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch Stole Christmas, Charlie Brown, and then reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. We finish the evening off with putting cookies and Egg Nog out for Santa.

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