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Questions about Cards for Kate and Eric


I am home and catching up.  Just doing a quick post about Cards for Kate and Eric.  I have been getting lots of emails asking questions.

First, yes, please do keep sending cards for Kate!  I am going to continue collecting.  So please keep them coming!  I will draw for the prizes in the next week or so, but you can still send cards.  I hope you do!

I have received thank you emails from Kate's mom and Grandma.  Here is a message from her Grandma, Shirlee…

Kate and the whole McRae family have been receiving as Holly puts it "tons" of cards.  They all have enjoyed and continue to enjoy them a lot!  Holly told me when Olivia and Will come up to the Ronald McDonald House that is the first thing they want to do is get the cards out and look at them.  Kate has been pretty sick this week, but have no doubt once she gets her spunk back and feels better she will love looking at her cards!  I can't tell you what a ministry you have reaching kids and their families in these types of situations.  God is truly using you and many others with the gifts He has given you!
Holly wanted me to tell you that she has been wanting to thank you and even has a thank you sitting at Kate's bedside.  Just has not got it done yet.  She has been pretty over whelmed with Kate's care. She will be getting in contact with you.  Thank you Jennifer for all you involved, its been such a huge blessing!!     — Shirlee Bouck (Kate's grandma)

And, if you haven't heard, Kate and her family will be on Dr. Phil!  I will let you know when I find out more.

Many people have been asking about Eric's cards.  I will let you know what I find out.  In the meantime, please keep his family in your thoughts.

I am also thinking about how to best continue the card drive.  In addition to Kate, maybe we can come up with a list of kids who need cards and you can send cards for any of them.  I will then sort them and mail them out.  Not sure, but as soon as I know, I will pass on the info.

More soon.  Hugs!