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Happy Wednesday.  We are halfway there.

Forgot to mention the winner of the books from the other day.  The lucky one is Shannon Ketchum!  Thanks for playing along.

Thought I would share another of the "educational" projects I made for Creating Keepsakes a couple months back.  A few people asked how I made the cards I made for a personalized memory game.  They were quite simple.  Just punched many circles of the same color and size.  On one side, I glued a stamped image or photo.  After making sure that there were two of each circle card, I laminated them with the no-heat lamination sheets.  Colin has a lot of fun with these.

042109 CK memory
(c) Creating Keepsakes

Anyone else use their scrap goodies to make things for their kids?  Toys, etc?

Sorry for the quick post.  Allergies have me really tired.  Switched to a new medicine tonight hoping for relief.  More soon…

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  1. What a great idea!! I love this! My daughter stamps. This would be fun for her to make herself.

  2. What a cool idea this is! I bet my grandkids would love it, especially if it was pictures of them!!

  3. Sarah M

    This is BRILLIANT!!! Nope, I don’t make anything fun for my kids with my supplies. My bad…. :(

  4. Rachel Smith

    I actually made a memory game similar to yours with these cute little fruit pictures that were on the inside label of a pack of juice-boxes. I was super proud of myself!

  5. these are a great idea! Your boy is so cute!

  6. This is a cool ideas… Just made one set for my little cutie daughter… Thanks Jennifer….

  7. Heidi

    What a great idea. Start right away to make one to.
    Thanks for the idea.

  8. lois skiathitis

    What a col idea. I have a wrought iron tree that I put family pictures on homemade ornaments for the holidays. TFS!!!

  9. Jennifer

    I have made an ABC’s album to help teach the sounds for Karrington. I have also worked with speech cards. I made two very large site words rings to speed up the reading process.

    Allergies…oh I feel your pain. My head, eyes, nose and chest are driving me nuts. I have been switch to Zyrtec D. I hope it clears up soon. Try drinking more water it helps a little and every little bit helps:)

    Sandi N.

  10. I did something similar for my daughter’s preschool class a couple of years back. The kids played Go Fish with cards that had a picture of each child in the class. They had so much fun with it.

  11. Cute and fun idea! Last year when I was having a hard time getting my kids ready for school, I made a chart to keep them on track. I made a grid out of foam core and used circles just like yours but with velcro on the back. The pictures were of shoes, laundry hamper, toothbrush, breakfast, and clothes. It worked like a charm to get them motivated. They always wanted to be the first one ready.

  12. These are so great – can;t WAIT to be able to do things like these…
    Hope you feel better today.

  13. That is SO cute! What a GREAT idea :)

  14. I made a set of A, E, I, O, U cards not long ago and also covered them with the clear adhesive paper used to cover books. In Spain it’s called aeronfix, not sure how it’s called in the US. I love your memory game :)

  15. Hi Jennifer!

    Great Game! I made a similar one for my niece a year ago but it was all matching pictures of the family. What a great idea to use the stamp images too! :) I’ve also made some altered wood blocks for my nephew with matching pictures. Hope your allergies clear up…isn’t Cincinnati great for allergies? lol

  16. There is a similar game that you can build yourself on a web site called You upload your pictures and choose fonts and colors, and the site does all of the work to create cards with your personalized text.

    But it’s not just for printing your custom memory game — anyone can also play the game online. There are cute sound effects, and you can add a specific message that pops up with each match. My young daughter loves to play the games and find the photos of her friends and family members.

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