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Hey there!  Home from Oklahoma.  On this trip, I learned that napping isn't going to be a good hobby for me.  I truly gave it my best.  I took 3-hour naps here and there.  I rested lots.  I slept well at night.  But still tired.  Always tired.  So, I am going to have to move on and explore a different hobby.  Maybe jewelry-making.  Just no napping.


Thought I would share a card I made for Kate's parents using one of Ali's digital kits.  I have a hard time finding great Christian greetings – and I LOVE hers.  And, since she is one of our generous donors for the Cards for Kate prizes, I thought I would share it here…

092809 Ali Faith QuoteSupplies: Hero Arts background stamp, Jillibean Soup paper, Hero Arts flower, Prima pearls and such, Creative Impressions twine, Corner Chomper, Ali Edwards digi quote

The paper on that card is from JilliBean Soup.  Both Ali and Jillibean donated prizes.  Here is more info…

PRIZE 12: Two Digital Products from Ali Edwards Your choice of her products at Designer Digitals.  Donated by Ali.

Picture 1

PRIZE 76: Goodies from Jillibean-soup.  Love it all – $40 value!  From Grandma's Christmas Crab Soup Collection: Can Tomato Soup, Can Potato Soup, Can Beef Consomme, Pinch of Christmas Cheer, Chives and Frozen Crab Meat.  From Soup Staples: Red Macaroni, White Macaroni, Orange Macaroni, Black Macaroni. Also, Corrugated Kraft Alphabet, Birds Bean Stalks, Green Cool Beans, Brown Cool Beans, Red Cool Beans, Circle Brown/White Journaling Sprouts and Square Red/Kraft Journaling Sprouts.

Jillibean logo for newsletter


Thanks for stopping by.  Off to kit for a class!  Night.

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  1. Sarah M

    Beautiful card, Jennifer! What a wonderful bible verse to use!

  2. Debbie

    what a wonderful verse

  3. This is such a wonderful card and a wonderful Scripture. Did you write the verse or is it a stamp?
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. So beautiful! And her handwriting — geesh! :-)

  5. Love this layout! I used it for inspiration for my own layout because I was lacking tonight! :) I love your work and appreciate you sharing it with everyone!

  6. lois skiathitis

    Beautiful card. TFS!!! Our Daily Bread makes a lot of Christian verses and a lot of Bible verses stamps.

  7. it is a digi kit from ali edwards.

  8. {vicki}

    What a beautiful card!!!!

    And what great new prizes

  9. cedwards

    I know you’ve been asked this a hundred times, but when is the deadline for the cards for Kate? Thanks!

  10. beautiful card – love jillibean soup :D

    question, i saw your handwriting practice book in Sept 09 CK and was wondering where you got your tracing pages?

    you can email me at


  11. Rosslyn Weigelt

    Love the card and the verse. I just used it yesterday in a card to Aaron and Kate. Isn’t Ali’s digi set wonderful!

  12. Missey

    beautiful card and the verse is amazing…

  13. Cami

    That is such a great card, I never knew that she did any bible verses. Thank you for sharing that.

  14. Roz Rhorer

    Simply beautiful card. The colors are stunning. And the verse says everything we are hoping for the family.
    As for napping, sleep is one of my favorite things to do, but I like shorter naps, about 1/2 hour or so. Always so refreshing. Try shorter ones. You might like them.

  15. I haven’t had a chance to order any Jilibean soup yet. I may have to check it out soon. I bought waaaay too much stuff in MN. I’m trying to be good. Great bible verse BTW. Ali’s so good!

  16. Megan

    I read your blog often but I guess I’m what you’d call a creeper… never commented before. Wish you would have taught some classes or something while you were in Oklahoma since that’s where I am. Maybe you did and I just didn’t know it. Hope you loved our great state and very strange weather.

    And to answer someone else’s question from above. I’ve bought tracing paper and also old school lined children’s handwriting paper at the Dollar Tree. I should buy stock in the Dollar Tree as much money as I can burn through in there. lol

  17. I love that hand written font. Very pretty!

  18. Jennifer

    This is a lovely card. I enjoy seeing different ways to design a
    card. Your wonderful designs always show keep me on the edge of my

    Many Thanks for sharing. Now off to do some shopping:)

    Sandi N.

  19. Beautiful card, the font is lovely.

  20. Kerry

    Gorgeous card Jennifer!

    BTW: I think you’d be a truly AWESOME jewellery designer (*really* amazing) – but it would just be a HOBBY right…..!??! You’d still be making cards for us to DROOL over??…..(just a few heart palpitations needing to be laid to rest here :)

  21. Felicia Tindal

    Making Jewelry can be a little addicting… since Riley’s diagnosis we were on the lookout for a fabulous medical ID bracelet, but didn’t want to pay high prices. I had a design in mind that she could change her med ID info easily to another bracelet to accessorize, so together we made it! Now, my 9 yr old is eager to have the chance to make a medical ID bracelet for someone else! Everyone at school loves it, but she wants to help another kiddo that needs the medical side of the bracelet and a little added fashion as well!

    Good Luck if you dabble in jewelry! Let me know if you know of anyone that Riley could help with her bracelets.

  22. charlene

    That’s cool, Felicia…that your daughter wants to help someone out. Maybe she could get a name thru Ronald McDonald House.

    Naps are my fave go-to hobby, Jennifer, but it usually means I’m a little low on iron or B12. I need to go check at the dr. with a bloodtest. Still, a little 20 minute afternoon siesta can be so great on a gloomy day. Love the card and Take care!!

  23. Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

    If you’re looking for Bible verses, Our Daily Bread Designs is my favorite company for that right now. They have some great designs I think you would really like. Love this card and the font of the verse. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration. God’s blessings to you.

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