Super fast share…

Why a fast share?

Because I am watching the oh-so-entertaining Jonas Brothers movie with the girls.  And we are having so much fun poking fun at all the girls going nuts in the crowd.  Too funny.  Takes me back to the New Kids on the Block… :)

This is from a card class a few months back.  It is actually a bookmark card.  The stamped acetate piece is sewn in place, creating a pocket for the flower bookmark.  Just something different.

031209 Class 1 Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (on acetate, flower + border on envelope and greeting), Hero Arts Acetate card.

Did I share these?  Sigh.  Not sure.  (I do have a new system now, thanks to Jayne!  But this was from before I started that.)  Another from a class.  I LOVE stamping with black on Kraft notecards and coloring heavily with colored pencils… and lots of white pencil.  Yum.

021809 Class 2
Supplies: Hero Arts (greetings, flower stuff), colored pencils, pearls, White Memories Ink

These colors are really washed out – sorry.  Not sure why.

SO, anyone have big plans for this weekend?  Kay has a friend coming in on Sunday for the week – looking forward to it.

See you soon…

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  1. Therese Bradley

    I just watched the new video on 2ps. This was my favorite one. I love the paper flower ideas. Enjoy your movie night. Therese

  2. What brand are the Kraft notecards? I really like how textured they look.

  3. Sandi N.


    Love your Thinking Inking video today on 2Ps. Cool flowers and inking embellishments idea too.

    I was in the class with the bookmark and kraft card. I agree love how the kraft paper cards turn out.

    This weekend we have a family cookout. DH is running and biking. I am playing with photos to get a order together. Trying a templates with a new program…fun.
    DD is stamping.

    Happy Stamping
    Sandi N.

  4. Um.. have you been able to catch NKOTB this summer on their ‘reunion’ tour? You MUST GO! It’s so much fun… hey maybe the girls might even like it! ;) It was great to just be one of those crazy girls in the crowd again, singing and screaming! ;) Love the cards and the use of craft!

  5. Love both of these ideas! What a cute idea to give a bookmark as a little gift within the card and the stamping and coloring on the craft paper looks like so much fun! I think I own those prismacolor pencils from my college days. Maybe it’s time to dig them out again. ;)

    OK, I seriously don’t get the whole obsession with the Jonas Brothers although it’s probably a perfect to compare them to NKOTB. They were just so much better, right? LOL. I never went to one of their concerts as a teen, but I used to daydream about Jordan so going to their reunion tour concert sounds like a blast. I can’t find anyone who admits they liked them now. Hee-hee!

  6. Heidi

    Have a great weekend.

  7. lois skiathitis

    Your work is always nice. Have a great weekend. TFS!!! :o ]

  8. mj

    adorable card! what a great idea for acetate!

  9. Love that card with the pink flowers! It is sooo pretty!

  10. Sherrie

    Reminder – the Bachelorette on Monday….Men Tell All. Love your blog and your gorgeous creations. Do you actually send out all the cards you make?

  11. i try to. or i donate to my local store to sell for charities… or donate to Cards for Heroes.

  12. Tina

    I was thinking the same thing…what kind of kraft paper is that?

  13. love your cards as always. This week-end we is my middle daughter Kayley’s 18th birthday and we are heading to the beach for a fun filled day at her request.

  14. C@rol

    Jennifer, I just love your clean, simple style when it comes to any of your art. Nice work!

    Happy weekend everyone! We’re grooving this fabulous weather in MO. It’s crazy – 70 to 80 degrees in JULY? Not typical at all, but we’ll take it!! :)

  15. Jennifer,

    I didn’t know whom to contact on Week 4, part 3 pdf file to print out and save. When I try to download it, an error message comes up “The compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted). Could you replace that or perhaps post one on your blog? Thank you in advance for anything you can do.

  16. Am really enjoying the thinking inking projects, lots of inspiration and fun use of color!

  17. Jenink

    HA! NKOTB- you’re taking me back to my embarrassing youth :)

  18. to be honest, i don’t have them saved on my computer anymore. :) they take up too much room.but i know you can contact customer service on 2peas and they can help you.

  19. yes, it is nice here too! was actually chilly this morning. was great.

  20. oooh! i’m so drawn to those kraft cards. i adore them.
    wonder if i could make something like that…

  21. Robin Madak

    I love the kraft paper/black ink/colored pencils look! What colored pencils do you use? I can’t seem to find ones with bold enough colors. Help!

  22. Hi Arlene. If you want to shoot me over an email at: I would be happy to send you over the PDF that I saved. When you send the email just remind me which one(s) you’re wanting. :)

  23. Hello,

    Not so right question for this post (sorry).

    May I ask whether you use the same foam on the blending tool for all colors (as shown in the videos you make or do you use a seprate foam for each color ?

    Thanks :-)

  24. Seperate foam for each color.

  25. kmorakefet

    Thanks ! another very important question if I may. I see you use a mobile computer that can handle both photo editing like photo shop and VIDEO editing (HD VIDEo camcorder) …which computer should I look for. Which would be strong enough that will handle these tasks.

    Thanks :-)

  26. the biggest, badest mac laptop. that is what i use.

  27. Thanks what do yu mean badest ?

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