Kay… and her video!

Hello!  Kay has another day to share with you, along with a video.  I had such little free time at CHA that I am late in putting it up – sorry.  I am home now and thank you all for your great comments for Kay.  This blog takeover was her idea – bless her heart.  Here she is…

Hola! If I had a scoop of Black Raspberry Chip ice cream for every sweet thing that you have all said to me, I would have my one true love for the rest of my life. It’s Kay again, bringing tidings of the promised video on day five of the Cyber Takeover, now extended to seven days of pure awesomeness. Since chalk is one of my top five favorite products to use in a card, I am devoting an entire blog post to it. And a video!!!!!!! I’m so excited! While I’m thinking about it, here are my top five favorite products to use and why:

  1. Stickles – because they’re sparkly and the Diamond color takes on the color behind it, thus eliminating the need for other colors.
  2. Chalk – because it’s just really really fun to use with VersaMark. (The VersaMark Dazzle is soooo pretty… and is so versatile because you can change the colors.
  3. Hero Gems – again, sparkly and an amazing accessory for any card.  Sparkles make the world go round, right?
  4. Pop-Dots – because they make every mounted stamp pop up and add a layer of dimension to the card.
  5. Hero Owl Stamps – they are the cutest stamps in the world and you can put them anywhere. I once put an owl stamp as a lovebird, for a valentine.

So, in honor of chalk and movie making, I hereby devote this video to the craft:

Supplies: Chalk, Diamond Stickles, Hero Heart Stamps, Hero “Miss You” Stamp, Hero Note Card, Brown Velvet Ribbon, Trimmer, Adhesive, etc…

I just love that! Chalk AND Stickles, all in one wonderful card. It’s practically my personal heaven in card form!

*Crafty Tip* Sometimes, instead of ink, use chalk and VersaMark. It’s more versatile and can be used to shade colors. Also, find a way to mix it up. For example: I used two supporting ribbons while most people would probably only use one.

This time, I got chalk all over my fingers, which, in my opinion, have suffered enough for a manicure. (This is battle I’m losing.)  Since chalk will smear all over your card, it’s a good idea to keep Super Baby Wipes nearby, because they will get anything off of your fingers in a snap, whether it’s chalk or ink. They are a life saver, honestly.

When I was in fourth grade, my art teacher had us do a special assignment. (I promise there is a reason I’m telling you this). We had to draw a self portrait, with no eraser. That assignment taught me that in art, there is never a mistake. It’s just something that you didn’t plan on doing and it will always make it better.

Until next time, may you be as happy as Mum when watching The Bachelorette.  (Just Kidding! ;) )

PS: It is Jennifer again.  I haven’t been able to watch the Bachelorette finale, but saw who “won.”  Interesting.  I hear they are still together?  Shocker!  Ha. :)

Another from Kay…

Hey, there!  I am in Orlando for CHA.  Lots of fun stuff happening at Hero. Be sure to follow them on Twitter (myheroarts) to get peeks at new stamps.  In the meantime, here is a post from my sweet Kay…

‘Ello! It’s Kay, during the takeover week! Today has been pretty interesting, because I looked on the Hero Arts website (okay, Mum showed me) and saw that there was a contest for the week, where you have to make a monochromatic colored card to win stamps. The first thing I thought was… why do you we need more stamps?

I entered anyways though, just for fun, and I created my very first all pink card in the era of all of my cards, which means this is a historical day. Personally, I’m just glad that this is one history test I’ll ace! But what’s funny about the card, entered for the Hero contest, it used almost entirely the competitions products. The only Hero products I used were the ink on the background, the note card, and the pearl. Thankfully, my Mum tells me that Hero supports other companies, so it’s all good. After all, if all the other companies were like my snapdragons and died, this beautiful art would be extinct. But, unlike my snapdragons, the companies are respectful of competition and thrive. (I have a long history of killing entire beds of snapdragons.  Ha.)

This card was created with a pale pink Hero Arts note card that was turned a darker color with the Soft Blossom ink. The butterflies were stamped on the same color card with the same ink, and the “happiness” stamp is on another piece of pale pink note card. The butterflies are held on by Pop-dots and the ribbon is silk ribbon. The Stickles are also distributed by Hero Arts and they are the color Diamond. So here is the card itself:


Tomorrow I plan on posting a video of another card, using another one of my favorite products ever (chalk!) This is super exciting because it means three things: first, I get to use chalk! Second, I get to use my video camera. And third, I get to edit a movie, which is one of my one true loves along with horseback riding, card making, and Graeters ice cream!

I know this is a little off subject, but the best ice cream in the entire world is Black Raspberry Chip from Graeters. It is soooooo good…

Until then, may you be as happy as my brother with a milk.

A great project from Kay…

You all rock.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the kind comments for Kay.  And yes, she is as amazing as she seems.  I love her madly.  I leave in the morning for CHA… but Kay and I have the week planned – lots of fun coming your way.  Here she is…

Bonjour! It’s Kay here, with your daily dose of creativity… and a twenty percent chance of fun! Today I was messing around with some photos and a bottle of purple paint – never a good idea, considering my history of finger stains – when I found IT. The best stamp ever, the best greeting, something that rings true to every person in America. Here’s what it says:

"You & dessert are the best things in life." (a Stampabilities stamp)

This was a hidden treasure, un-inked and un-used, like many of Mum’s stamps, and I felt it was my duty as a card-maker to use it in a special project! I used it to make a picture book about our family for my granddad. I gave it to him tonight and he absolutely loved it.



The booklet has three green alcohol inked butterflies on the front (alcohol inks – also a messy product. At least now I don’t have to paint my nails ;) ) and a purple painted background that was painted with an Adirondack Paint Dabber in Eggplant. The greeting was stamped on white cardstock mounted on green paper, on top of twine that was glued down to the paper. The pictures are 4 x 6 pictures glued front to back showing pictures of our family, and the booklet is held together by holes punched by a…. hole puncher, actually and more twine. The background purple cover isn’t any type of special paper, it was just white cardstock with paint.

The pictures were soooo pretty. They were taken at around Thanksgiving by the great Cathy Blackstone and I really do love it.

But really, I was just playing around. That’s the beauty of card-making, everything turns out to be beautiful, and sometimes even you’re surprised. It’s beautiful, the creativeness and spontaneity that shows up when you’re just playing.

Now that I think about it, it’s kind of like the Audreyisms.

Well, until the next beautiful card, may you be as happy as my dog Roxie chasing a squirrel.

Special Kay…

Hey there.  Kay has decided that my blog needs a little more fun and is going to treat us with a few more days of her goodness.  It seems todays post involves "barf" talk – ha – sorry about that. :)   You can tell how much fun she is – we have a good time together. We could spend hours crafting and laughing.  Our best crafting time was when she went with me to my favorite stamping retreat and spent every moment making cards – I think it was 46 in total.  Here she is…

Aloha! It’s Kay again, and in the words of King Julian (Madagascar 2): ?You gotta love a non-hostile takeover." That’s right! I’m taking over the blog for a week! Why? The response to the last post was incredible. If I had a cookie for every nice comment someone wrote, I would be one happy teenager.   Thank you!

When I was little, only seven or eight years old, I was really into card making. I took a lot of classes – I even went to CKU. And yesterday I was digging through my old cards, when I found a beautimous card that Awesome Audrey made once when I was sick. (Awesome Audrey is my wonderful sister.) The card contained one of the best Audreyisms* ever. Here it is:


I love this. Let me explain it, just a little bit. The silver bird stamps are supposed to represent our family, with the tall long-legged bird Dad (though in a fair representation it would’ve been me – I’m 5’7”), the beautiful peacock is Mum, and the three birds in a row are me, Audrey and Colin. But what we love about the card is what she wrote in the postscript…

"P.S. Please don’t barf on me."

This may be the best get well card ever, because it is just so totally Audrey. What a way to make you’re incredible older sister feel better when she's sick, right?

Oh, and my Mum asked me to let you know that the winner of the AC goodies is Jennifer R.  Lucky girl!

Until later, may you be as happy as my sister with a cookie.

(*Awesome Audrey Fact* Audrey will occasionally come out with a hilarious comment, an “Audreyism” if you will. They’re usually random and completely off the wall.)

I *heart* Hero Arts

Ashley planned a wonderful blog hop to thank Hero Arts for all they do.  I am late posting due to company arriving today, but I had to play anyway.

And instead of doing a thank you card for the hop, I decided to share a page that was in the recent CK.  It talks about how I love working for Hero Arts.

Dream Job
(c) Creating Keepsakes

I really don't just say I love working for Hero because my boss can see this.  Ha.  I really do love it.  The people are amazing, generous, understanding, supportive and FUN.  They have incredible values: family-run, green business and made in the USA (in house).  And my favorite thing is that they are supportive to other companies.  They like to see other stamp companies succeed, too.

I am honored to work for them.  The funny thing is, no one can really agree on how I started working for them.  Danny, who used to work there for years, says that he found me because a scrapbook magazine editor told him that they should get me to do samples for them.  Aaron (the CEO) says that he saw my work in a magazine and contacted me.  And I honestly have no idea.  (But I tend to believe my boss – ha.)  All I know is that one fall afternoon 7 years ago, I got a call from Jackie (the Founder) asking me to do projects for them.  And I was thrilled.

OK… enough boring stories.  (Kay's are so much better!) But I do want you to know that when you see me using lots of a company's product it is because I like the company.  That means a lot to me.  And Hero Arts is an industry leader in everything good. :)

Back to the blog hop – just click HERE!


Post by Kay…

Hi, everyone.  Kay, my sweet 14-yr-old girly, decided she wanted to take over my blog for the day.  Kay and I like to create together.  I always look forward to summer when we can go down in my studio in the basement for hours.  We often get what Kay refers to as "basementitis" – where we start to act goofy and loopy due to an overabundence of crafting time in the basement.  :)   I am very very very proud to be her "mum" (stepmom).  You will see why here… 

What’s up? It’s Kay, and I’m taking over an entire blog post for the day! As Mum’s Personal Assitant, this is like a promotion for me, and I’m super excited. I wanted to start by sharing some of the cards from my class.

I got to teach a class at Stamp Your Art Out for kids, and it was soooooo much fun. I tried to make cards that weren’t too girly, because there were two boys in the class, and the kids had a blast. The amount of creativity in the room was incredible, mostly because the kids were not afraid to make something that was nothing like the original card. I loved it! I tried really hard to make the class fun – we had “Story Time” whenever I saw something that made me remember something crazy I had done. Their favorite was the "Great Ink Pad" story, inspired by them leaving the tops off of the ink…

I trip over stuff, and drop things a lot, and a few days before the class I dropped an ink pad on the ground… and got black Staz-on ink all over my foot. Clearly, this is why I never moved up in ballet. And they don’t call it “Staz-on” for nothing.

Anyways, it was a really big hit. They all told me I was the “best” and “coolest” teacher ever, and some of them were really excited for my next class there. So am I, believe me.

So here is the first card!  This card was really really really fun to make, because I just love the stamps. They’re really modern, with “LOL” and cell phones, and either a popsicle or a computer mouse. The card design was inspired by one of Mum’s cards (click HERE), only hers had animals on it and mine has a popsicle/computer mouse and a peace sign.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

This is my absolute, favoritest card EVER that I taught in the class. The colors were inspired by my Vera Bradley Wristlet (see HERE), and I love owls (and gems, one of my top five favorite products ever), so it was perfect. But my favorite part was the “You’re so COOL!” stamp because that is something I say ALL the time. Again, this was inspired by one of Mum’s.  (Click HERE to see.)

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

This next card was fun, because the colors remind me of St. John. It also used two more of my top five favorite products ever, chalk and diamond Stickles. I really love the Diamond Stickles because they take on the color of whatever is behind it, thus eliminating the use for more than one color at a time. Plus they are a lot of fun to use. It also used clear stamping, which was really fun to teach because it’s easy, and the kids just lapped it up. (Thanks to this class, I am now seriously considering being a drama teacher.  I bet I’d be good at it.)

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

Another fun card. (What card isn’t fun though?) I loved it because, first, it had a cupcake, and second, it got to cut a card in half. I really love the colors too, which were inspired by a picture on the wall.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

*Special Kay Tip* If you have a color you love, but need colors to match, find an object that you love and use it as inspiration.

This next one was awesome to make and awesome to teach, because it had so much potential for creativity. The kids loved coloring the animals, as did I, and thought the colors were awesome. The card wasn’t too girly or boyish which rocked, and the stars were fun. It used Pop-dots, which is another of my favorite supplies, and a corner rounder.

Card created by Kay McGuire – All products Hero Arts

Well, okay! This was fun. I’m currently working on attempting to edit another video, and I’m sure you will know when it’s mine.

Until then, may you be as happy as a bird with a French fry. ;)

Kay (Age 14)