How-To Video: Enhancing Stamped Backgrounds (and links!)

Happy Wednesday!  And it is an extra special one for me – I get to go tomorrow to Cornerstone!  This time, I get to go with Jana and my mom.  We will have such fun together.

I thought I would link ya all up to a video I have over on the Hero Arts blog.  Click HERE to see all the info. 

052609 Crease Sand Ink
(c) Hero Arts – more info HERE.

Here are some links for you for tonight:

  • Great page by Vicki Boutin HERE.
  • Mary Macaskill is a scrapbooking goddess.  Wow.  Lovin’ the Outtakes page HERE.
  • That Jen Gallacher is amazing.  She is even great at digital – HERE.
  • THIS Pebbles line looks yummy.  I always like their easy-to-use bright papers.
  • Different gear: Does your area have a Recyle Bank program?  Ours does, and I have earned such fabulous things just by recycling.  Discounts at Target, Boden, etc.  What a great thing.
  • Caardvarks had a great shaped challenge – such FUN ideas!  Can you say amazing?
  • THIS is STILL my favorite purchase in a long time.
  • Anyone use THIS stuff yet?  Curious to try it.

On a oh-so-very happy note: The girls summer starts in 9 days.  Or, for Colin: 8 more “sleeps.”  We are all very excited.  When the 5 of us are together, everything seems right in the world.  And louder.  Ha.

Do any of you watch Deadliest Catch?  I am not getting into it this seaons.  Not sure why?


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  1. Lynn

    Have a great time at Cornerstone! I just sent a request for RecyleBank…I’m hoping they’ll come to Loveland. My husband and I were just saying we wished Rumpke gave recycle bins as big as the garbage bin!

  2. i LOVE this card, jennifer! oh my goodness – WOW! must try this technique today… thank you! :)

    have fun at Cornerstone!

  3. you are amazing. have i told you that lately? that card is absolutely stunning.

    you would think that peatown would have recyclebank, but not yet… :(

  4. Beautiful card! Thanks for all the wonderful links lately (here and twitter) I love them. What is Cornerstone? I hope you have fun…whatever it is! :)
    As for deadliest catch…I used to try to watch it…but 2 people I love very much work on fishing boats off the coast of Alaska and I keep holding my breath praying I don’t see them. It scares me way too much.

    Off to get my daily hero dose! THANKS! :)

  5. Can’t wait! And what an extra special treat to have your Mom with us. Love her! (and you!)

  6. Paula

    I had never thought of coloring pearls like in the video! Thanks for the great idea… I can’t wait to try it.

  7. Carrie

    I love this video – so clever and really easy to follow (as usual). Thanks for taking the time to share.

  8. Awesome tutorial Jen. thanks so much. I can’t wait to try it. Your cards always looks so difficult, but with your help, they are do-able for us less talented folk.


  9. beautiful card and great video Jennifer, thanks!!!
    My husband and son watch the deadliest catch, I do sometimes, but to be honest i get nervous. They DVR’d it to watch it when my Dh gets home!

  10. Helen

    Have a great, restful time away with your special ladies, Jennifer.

  11. lois skiathitis

    Just beautiful Jennifer with a great video. Awesome composition!! TFS!!!

  12. mj

    oh i didn’t realize the new season has started … curious to know if the captain’s condition improved. AWESOME video and card by the way! :)

  13. Debbie

    Hi there,
    Know what, this year’s episodes of Deadliest Catch are kinda hard to “get into”.

    I think it’s partly because of the first episode with the boat sinking, and then bad fishing, they just don’t seem “themselves”.

    We still look forward to watching it every week, but you are right, it’s just not the same.

    BTW, love your blog. I check it almost every day.

  14. Dolly/scrapthat

    Great tutorial Jennifer! I keep stalking your blog for Tim techniques now! LOL TFS

  15. Dorthy Thompson

    Cute Card. Your last sneak peek was for Flower Soft. I’m starting to get addicted to that stuff. The ivory looks great on a stamped dandelion.

  16. Hi Jennifer, what camera do you use to shoot your videos?
    Thank you!

  17. Thank you so much. You give so much inspiration with every post. I love this blog!

  18. Kerry

    Thank you for the video tutorial – it is fabulous. Such a creative twist! Your videos are always a real treat – thank you so much for the time and effort you put into them and for sharing with us! Enjoy your summer together :-)

  19. Thanks for sharing! I’m gonna have to try out that technique :)

  20. Sandi N.


    This is a cool way to use this stamp and emboss the card. Really great idea!!!

    Oh, I am so happy the girls are coming home. I am sure you will have a great summer. Your sleeps equal, our sunshine when counting days.

    Love the recyle bank!!! I am going to check into this. We really do a lot we do not use a gas mower and Bill’s car is a flex car.

    I loved the other links too! Pebbles paper is cute looking.

    Sandi N.

  21. I love Deadliest Catch!
    But I haven’t seen a lot this season either.
    I am thinking we could be great tv pals……we love a lot of the same shows. Your the first person aside from my husband who I know watches Deadliest Catch. :-)

  22. Jo

    Great card Jennifer, love the idea of colouring the pearls – they look really classy!

  23. Julie

    I haven’t heard of the corner chomper and I could have really used it a couple of days ago! Time to hit the store….

  24. Cathy A

    Jenn, If you email me your address I will send you some flowersoft, you can use it with PVA glue (I have some other things for you to that you can use for your Hero’s drive).

  25. Jen Gallacher

    I love Deadliest Catch, but I’ve missed most episodes this season. I love some of the old grizzled captains. They’re my favorites!! LOL!

  26. Lynsey

    We love Deadliest Catch in my house but are waiting for the new season to start in New Zealand.

  27. So THIS is why my blog is so popular lately! :) You are so sweet. Luv ya!

  28. OMGosh..Love this card, so pretty and elegant! I love the design, and the distressing, what an awesome idea!!


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