Happy news…

The new Hero Arts catalog is up over on their website HERE.  Come on… what is better than a bunch of new stamps?  :)

Thought I would share one I did with the new goodies.  For the background, I actually opened up a clear set of stamps… laid them down face-up… inked with black ink… laid a notecard down on the ink… and created a background of messages super fast.  :)

042609 Bird
Supplies: All Hero Arts

Oh, and 2Peas has these stamps in their warehouse and will put them up for sale on tomorrow/Monday!

And for all your Christians out there – do you have a favorite website or email sign-up for daily devotions or bible verses, etc?  Would love to find a new good one.  Thanks.

Have a good night.  I am off to snuggle up with a cute dog.  Love that Roxie girl…

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  1. Hannah

    Wow what a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing it. Love you work.

  2. I love the Proverbs 31 daily devotionals. http://www.proverbs31.org/ Good luck finding one that you enjoy!

  3. how genious are u?

  4. Peg

    My favorite daily devotional comes from Saddleback’s Pastor Rick Warren at PurposeDriven.com.

  5. Mustangkayla

    That is such a great idea to just open the stamp and use it!

  6. Beverly Boyles

    YEA! Dog suggling is the very BEST snuggling!!! Love, love, love when the doggies get in the bed!!! And thanks for the super great idea of just stamping the whole stamp set!!! Yea! Again!

  7. Graciela M. Hansen

    Good morning Jennifer!
    Well, it is 7:31 in the morning here in Saudi Arabia, where my sweet husband and I live now. We are from the States.
    Jennifer, receiving your emails almost every day is a refreshing blessing to me being in the middle of this desert!
    It is the “bestest” way to start my day … thank you.
    Here is a wonderful Christian site:
    “LDS.org – LDS Gems, Inspirational Quotes”
    There is so much goodness to choose from it.
    Graciela M. Hansen

  8. That’s a great idea – and the card is FAB! :D

  9. Love the card Jennifer – such a great idea. Can’t wait to get my hands on some new HA stamps :) They have finally arrived in the UK this week.. YIPPEE.

  10. Lisa

    Family life radio has a daily devotional called “better family living.” It’s a quick way to know I have read at least some of God’s word every day.

  11. Love the clever idea with the background – You are so inspirational with your work.
    Take care

  12. Sandi N.


    Thanks so much for sharing this card! It is so very cute. The bird is the perfect touch too.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Again, thanks!!!

    Sandi N.

  13. Cute card!! I like the idea of using the entire stamp set to make a background… :)

    Here are a few sites I visit/receive emails from…


    Have a great day!
    - April

  14. CUTEness! Love that card! Over at http://www.allmomentsremembered.com we have a prayer forum where one person posts a daily scripture and we share our prayer requests and praises with one another. It’s great because we are all scrapbookers and we can share in our faith, too!

  15. You are such a Genious….would never have thought to use the whole set at once…Love your Bird too!! Wonderful card……

  16. joy leith

    hi my name is joy and i have a ???? i was wondering if the distress ink embossing ink good or is versamark still better for embossing powder. i’m still looking for the best one to get a good look. what would you choose?

  17. Helen

    Another great card, Jennifer. I often check the blog at http://www.shepherdpress.com/blog/ It has some great articles to encourage us in godly parenting.

  18. well, aren’t you a smart cookie?!
    great idea to use the whole set of stamps that way for a background!

  19. Jan Francis

    Jennifer, you’ve just GOT to go to: http://www.crosswalk.com/devotionals/girlfriends/

    It’s WONDERFUL! I’ll see you in your class at StampAway in August. Rubber Hugz, Jan in Tucson :)

  20. jenink

    It isn’t exactly a devotional as such, but the Desiring God blog has thought provoking daily blog posts and a ton of excellent quality sermons online.

    Facebook has daily bible verse applications.
    Otherwise nothing beats reading your bible :)


  21. What a great idea! I was actually staring at your card trying to figure out how exactly you had managed to get all the sentiments all lined up neat and tidy like! I thought…dang…She’s good! I could never do that! So thanks for sharing and the inspiration. BTW: Love the colors and the little sparkly doo-dads on the penguin.

  22. lois skiathitis

    Hello It’s about time I stop lurking a make a comment. There is a web-site Our Daily Bread that makes rubber stamps. Beeca Feeken has some wonderful examples on her blog. I so enjoy your work Jennifer. I’ve been too shy to say anything.

  23. Very clever idea! That bird makes me smile.

  24. Roz Rhorer

    You know I thought about opening a pack and doing just this – I just never did. I didn’t think it would work. Dang – it does. Hey, maybe I am more creative than I thought I was! Sounds like next time I think something won’t work I should try it. Who knows – I might amaze myself. hehe

  25. That bird is just too much and I love the coloring on it. It looks so great against that neat background. I did that same idea with an alphabet set before I had removed any of the letters – makes for a fun background.

  26. Rosslyn W

    Thanks for all the inspiration, crafty and otherwise! I was just showing my dh pics from your vacation last night….hint, hint…!!! He just got home from a 7 mth deployment and we are talking about what our vacation should look like this year….your pics in the islands capture what I want my vacation to look like! So you bring inspiration in so many ways! Also wanted to send you to the Discipleship Journal website, it is actually a link on navpress.com. This is an awesome magazine that is little known, but loaded with great resources to stretch and grow and encourage you in your faith. You might find something of interest on the website. It’s and old favorite of mine! Have a blessed day!

  27. Patty Y. (jaemom)

    That is sooo clever to use the entire stamp set like that. On another note, I’ve actually never used an online devotional or daily verse feed, never occurred to me. Hope you find one that suits you; I trust that God will use His Word to bless and renew you regardless. :)

  28. Since working at IKEA my life is less routine, as the hours I work are less routine. When my life was more predictable I was very good about having regular devotional, which was I listened to Erwin McManus’s podcast Mosaic, so so so good, his messages are so awesome, and he’s a great writer as well! Might be something fun for you to listen to while you are working. I listened when I worked in Insurance.

  29. Dana C.

    Hey Jennifer! Love this card and what a great way to make it. I love to read an on-line blog that is a daily devotional lead bye great women. It is at http://www.womentowomen.com and is very inspiring. I found it through Diane Noble who is an amazing scrapbooker and is also a contributor to the blog. Hope this helps. In my thoughts and prayers today. Hugs

  30. thanks for the great link!

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