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I got several emails asking about my vacation.  First – yes – I still plan on posting on my blog from there.  I am hoping to at least! :)   Second – yes – I still love St. John first and foremost.  We just decided to do something a bit different. :)

I thought I would share what I made for my mother-in-law for her birthday.  I always make her sets of cards.  This year I made a few extras for her to share with a friend who liked them. 

Here are the first ones.  I used soft pink Hero Arts notecards and turned them inside out.  I like to do this for a white outside and the fun pink inside. :)   I Cuttlebuged them with the dots, trimmed them and rounded the corners.  The strip across each card is Cuttlebugged with a dot border.  Behind each Martha Stewart dimensional flower, I tucked a knot of green silk ribbon.  The green piece is scalloped-edged with the Stampin' Up border punch.  Finally, I stamped with a variety of greetings from my new favorite Papertrey Ink set.

Card Set 4

Card Set 3

Card Set 5

Card Set 1

This next part of the set is made in a very similiar way, but simplier.  I used a mix of silk ribbon colors.

Card Set 8

Card Set 7

Card Set 6

Card Set 9

Papertrey Ink Heartfelt Basics stamps

Cuttlebug Swiss Dots and Border Embossing
Martha Stewart dimensional flower stickers
Creative Impressions Silk Ribbons
Hero Arts Notecards

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

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  1. minnesota michelle

    don’t you just love those MS flowers…I stocked up on them as well!!

  2. these are gorgeous card sets jennifer! love all the cuttlebug goodness on them!

  3. heather gates

    Gotta love the Cuttlebug! These cards are too sweet.

  4. these are really beautiful, Jennifer!

  5. CB has a dotted border set and no one told me?? I love embossed dots!!
    These are really terrific Jenn! The color is perfect…not too bright, not too plain.
    And i want silk ribbon SO bad but I can’t seem to find it at the stores.
    Have a great trip!

  6. Those are beautiful, what a great gift!

  7. KathyChen

    Beautiful cards. Can I borrow the idea for my daughter’s 1st bday card invites?

  8. Virginia L.

    Thanks for sharing the pretty cards for your mother-in-law. She must be thrilled to get these lovingly-made cards! I just got a CB and you have inspired me to put it into great use! Happy 2009!

  9. So adorable! I love giving friends sets of cards (the ones that don’t make cards). I will have to look for those MS flowers!!!

  10. Jennifer

    These are just wonderful to have and give as gift sets. They are real smart looking. I am really starting to like this set from Papertrey too. I am saving to place an order. I want five different sets. So hard to pick.

    I really like the look of the MS flowers too. I like the texture and colors.

    Happy Packing
    Sandi N.

  11. Wow wow wow wow wow wow!!! I cannot tell you how much I love these!!!

  12. Debra

    Oh Jennifer, I love these.So simple and Spring like. Enjoy your vacation, what a fab hubby you have!!!

  13. Wow, Jen! These are very, very lovely! They’re very simple yet elegant! I like them a lot!
    :o >…………Yaneri

  14. This card set is absolutely beautiful. I also gave my mom a card set, last time we’ve met. She told me she isn’t going to use them, because she wants to cherish it… I was a bit upset but then I thought: “well, it’s hers. She can do whatever she feels best doing. My job is to make more and more of these, until she feels confident enough to use them” ;)

  15. Elizabeth

    They are such Happy and bright cards. Gorgeous Jennifer! Have fun on your vacation! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  16. Wendy in MD

    OMG Stunning as usual!

  17. Tere A.

    aww! they are so pretty!!! I think those colors make people feel happy!!!

  18. Helen

    Beautiful cards, Jennifer. I feel inspired to try doing something like this for my mum’s b’day in May. if I start now, I might just get them done in time! I’ve just bought the CB dots this week, having discovered they work in my ancient Sissix – how excited am I! Have a very happy New Year, and a great time away. Praying that 2009 will be a year of great blessings for you and yours. Thanks to the Lord for the way he’s blessed all us in Blogland through your gift of creativity and your beautiful gentle spirit (1 Peter 3:4)

  19. so sweey cards! I <3 them!
    So cool colours, so sweet(I say that to everithing…. ;) )! Me like!

    //Kicken 13 years old from sweden

  20. those are so darling!! I love that dot cb die, guess I am going to have to add that to my wish list now :)

  21. Kathy H

    These cards are absolutely beautiful! Happy New Year and enjoy your vacation!

  22. Sarah M

    I tried commenting last night but my hubby’s laptop wouldn’t let me for some reason…
    Anyways, LOVE these card sets Jennifer. I’m sure your mother-in-law was thrilled. My hubby sat down beside me as I was looking and said, ‘Those are really nice. I like the rounded corner theme.’ Hey, he’s got good taste. ;)
    I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful vacation. Don’t worry about us bloggies – we’ll still be here when you get back.

  23. GORGEOUS cards, Jennifer! What great gifts! I MUST get a Cuttlebug!! ;) Have a wonderful day! Hugs!

  24. africanfootprint

    Jennifer, these note cards are gorgeous. Just love them. I’m definitely going to have to try making some.

  25. africanfootprint

    Oh, and since I don’t have a CB… do you have any hints as to how I could get the embossed dots?

  26. StampinCathy

    The cards are just stunning! I just love all the details and colors on these cards. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  27. Loriann

    Beautiful.. As always.. Relax and Enjoy your vacation.. Doesn’t that mean NO working.. We can view your previous goodies whie you are gone. Happy and Safe 2009

  28. Steph R

    These cards are so pretty.
    Have fun on vacation!

  29. Wow, what a gorgeous set of cards! I bet she loved them!

  30. Wow, those cards are just beautiful, what a great gift!

  31. Very nice card set indeed. So cute and simple. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Ohhh so lovely—what a treat. Love the colors you used…fresh and sweet.

  33. What a great gift idea. I love what you made. Gorgeous! I have never seen those Martha Stewart flowers before.

  34. Kerry

    Your cards are so **HAPPY** they’re full of blessings even before you read the messages! Thank you for sharing them. Best wishes for a fabulous trip and every good and wonderful thing to you in the New Year.

  35. Nina

    great idea! I love the result :-)

  36. Marilyn

    Those cards are just too cute! I have never tried the MS flowers, but will certainly give it a whirl! Great BLOG, Great instructions!

  37. Emmy

    These cards are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year.

  38. Roz Rhorer

    How colorful! ! ! My Mom has a group of friends who have been together, some for almost 30 years. I made them small albums a few years ago to celebrate that friendship. I think we might be celebrating friendship again. Simple, colorful, fun They will love it. Thanks for the idea. :-)

  39. naisula

    Beautiful cards, I’m sure your mom (& her friend) loved them! Enjoy your time away! May you be refreshed.

  40. Anna D

    These cards are just wonderful! I hope you don’t mind if I use your design.

    Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

  41. Becs Attwood

    Wow – those sets look so great! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  42. donna mikasa

    These cards are so fresh and wonderful! What a lucky mother-in-law! Happy New Year to the McGuires!

  43. Barb W

    Jennifer, these cards are absolutely stunning. They are so crisp, clean and perfect colors. What a fantastic way to start off MY New Year; getting inspired by these cards. I can’t wait to get back into the routine of stamping again. Will return my daughter back to Ohio State on Sunday and my other daughter back to high school on Monday, and my stamping can begin!!! :) Thank you so much for sharing all these pics and looking forward to many inspiring posts this year.

  44. cassie dambrosio

    These are gorgeous!

  45. Beverly Boyles

    Jennifer, thanks so much for sharing the cards…I always love the cards you make for your mother-in-law…they are great!!! Have a fun and fab vacation!!!

  46. Sus N.

    These cards are just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. I am going to have to dig out my swiss dots and make a set for my MIL. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  47. What a fabulous set of cards! Love your work!

  48. Jennifer, this set is absolutely gorgeous!! I love how you used Heartfelt Basics to create an entire set. Beautifully done!

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