I have three good reasons…

… for not having time to post tonight:

1. I have a holiday card class tomorrow night.  But I did a video for a few of the cards, so I will be sharing them soon.

I have a giveaway planned for tomorrow.

3. Lipstick Jungle is on tonight.  Can you say Kirby Atwood?  Yum… :)

So… I will be back tomorrow.  Night!

Things I learned…

… from being without power for the week.  It wasn't bad, but I learned a few things…

1. If you have an iPhone, get a car charger.  It comes in handy when there is no power in the house. :)

2. The MacBookPro has a great battery life.  You charge it at mom's in the morning and have enough power to watch a movie at night.

3. I am not looking forward to remodeling my house.  Having no power meant going to my parents in the mornings.  They are gutting their whole first floor.  I don't think I could live with the dust.

4. I need to create every single day.  Or I just don't smile as much. :)

5. I am glad I have an old house with a gas water heater.  (Warm showers!)

6. Missing the first episode of House stinks.  Boogers. :(

I can't imagine what those in Texas are going through.  Big prayers.

On to some random things…

I have one opening in my class Thursday night at Stamp Your Art Out in Cincinnati.  Someone canceled today.  So call 513.793.4558 if you are interested!

A moment of enabling. :)   Check out this new tree stamp from Hero Arts.  Hard to find – not everyone has it.  It is a big one.  Look HERE to get it…


Also, a few mentioned that the link to Cherie's holiday card templates didn't work.  THIS is the link.  Sorry!

And, I forgot to mention that you must see these little halloween dudes by Cherie.  SO cute.  Can't wait to use these to make treats for Colin's friends at school.  Looky HERE.  Here is a peek…


OK… how about a quick share?  This is an old one that I did to show stamping on buttons.  What I do to stamp on buttons is I lay the button down (flat side up) onto the sticky part of a post-it note.  Then I stamp on it with Black Staz-On – down and up quick and straight.  If I booger it up, I clean it with Ultra Clean and then try again.  By putting it on a sticky note, the button doesn't want to stick to the wet stamp.  Works great.

Stamping on Buttons Card 1
Hero Arts stamps (circles, greeting, stems), notecards, buttons and flowers
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Ultra Clean
Black Memories Ink

OK… off to watch tv. :)   Night!

[BTW... I am still behind on email after last week.  I will be working on it this week.  Sorry!]

How-To Video: Stamping and Dry Embossing Vellum

First: Good news!  Finally got power back.  Now I just need to go to the grocery store to fill my 100% empty frig. :)

I am catching up on email and computer work while watching my new (and slightly twisted) addition to the show Dexter.  Wow.  It is so good.

But I thought I would link you up to a few things in the meantime. 

First, HERE is a video I did for twopeasinabucket.com on stamping and dry embossing on vellum.  Click HERE if you want high quality – just click on "watch in high quality" directly below the video.

(c) twopeasinabucket.com

Speaking of holiday cards, here are some more great projects:

  • You have GOT to go see Tia Bennett's cards HERE.  Take a close look – she uses stamps in creative ways.  She made the Hero Arts Big Owl into a tree trunk!
  • Looking for simple photo card templates?  I love love love THESE from Cherie Mask.  
  • Robyn Werlich is just too good.  Look at these cutie cards HERE.
  • Oh, my… these are stinkin' cute: Kristina Werner's cards HERE.  She has too much talent! (Oh, and I met her a couple weeks ago.  She is tall and sweet, too.  Those three things should not be allowed to exist in one person: tall, sweet and talented. :)   She has it all.)
  • And Stacy Sattler's cutie felt cards HERE.  I love how she used the Hero Arts birds.

Well, I need to go snuggle with my husband (haven't seen him enough lately) and watch a serial killer on TV.  (Yes… if you haven't heard of Dexter, you need to read about it!)



…can’t post tonight. I am home but still no power.

Oh… I can add another point to my list on reasons to buy an iPhone: if you don’t have power, you can still get Internet access. :)


How-To Video: Creating Photo Collages


Posting from the retreat.  Ken is still sitting at home in the dark. :)

Have a video today that I did for twopeasinabucket.com.  Many of you wanted to know about cropping photos to smaller sizes for printing and for collages.  And I finally did it!

You can see all the information HERE on 2peas.  If you want to watch it in high quality, you can see it HERE.  The high quality should be helpful because it is hard to see.

I used Photoshop CS3 for the video.  However, all Photoshops and Photoshop Elements are similar for these things.  And if you use any other photo-editing software, the steps should be similar.  Just some basic stuff.  And I can't promise this is the easiest way to do it – just the way I do it.  :)   It isn't the best video, but it is a start.

Here is the card.  Click on it for more information…

Photo Card 

Photo Card 0
(c) twopeasinabucket.com

(By the way – do you like what he drew when I asked him to sign it?  He loves drawing circles.) 

OK… off to bed.  Gotta get up early for a yummy breakfast. :)

Guess what I have now??

NOT power!



Still no power.  But that's ok.  I have escaped to Cornerstone Memories.  Woohoo!  So now I have internet and light to stamp under. :)

So happy.  I am here with Jana and Ginger.  And my dear Nichol flew in from Kansas.  So happy!  Greta and Sandi will be here soon.

Just a few things before I get creating…

Go HERE to try for some giveaways of Hero stamps on Jana's blog.  Love that set!

The Cards for Heroes Card Drive was extended to October 15th due to the huge response.  Thank you everyone!

Let's see… what else do I have to share…

This is an old one…

Grow Page
All Hero Arts stuff
Bo Bunny patterned paper
KI Memories striped paper
Colorbox Chalk Ink Queues

OK… off to create some new things to share.  Sorry for the lack of meaty posts.  Will get back to that soon.

Hope you all have a good weekend.  Enjoy your lights, tv and refrigerators. :)