I have three good reasons…

… for not having time to post tonight:

1. I have a holiday card class tomorrow night.  But I did a video for a few of the cards, so I will be sharing them soon.

I have a giveaway planned for tomorrow.

3. Lipstick Jungle is on tonight.  Can you say Kirby Atwood?  Yum… :)

So… I will be back tomorrow.  Night!

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  1. summer

    I heart Lipstick Jungle. I hope it doesn’t get canceled- why do all the good shows get canceled? Studio 60, Sisters….

  2. i LOVE lipstick jungle…it’s on commercial right.now.

    i second that yumm. lol

  3. I have a Kirby crush too!!! and I’m needing a video.

  4. hannah

    Looking forward to tomorrow night :) Have a good night :0)

  5. can’t wait for “lipstick jungle” … i have 25 minutes until it starts!

  6. You are too funny!! I missed lipstick jungle tonight. I had to work. UGH!! You’ll have to catch me up on it. I’ll be sending my cards to you next week. Just waiting for my mom and sis to finish up theirs too. We’ll package them seperately so they can be entered in the contest too!! Talk to you soon.

    Oh! did you get the picture I emailed you and Shari? Let me know.

  7. Sounds like good reasons to me!! How about those Collagen Injections?? OUCH!!!

  8. Sandee Allen

    Looking forward to seeing your video on the Holiday cards!

  9. Sandi


    The taxi ride at the end was cracking me up.

    I am looking forward to your class tonight. It was a huge sell out at the convention. Thanks for teaching this class again,for those like me who could not get in:-) Very happy camper here!

    Sandi N.

  10. can’t wait to see the holiday cards!

  11. Well excuse 1 or 2 just weren’t enough to get you off the hook – but that third excuse was all you needed! Kirby Atwood, say no more! Yum is right ;) Enjoy

  12. JosieK

    I wish I lived next door to you!

  13. I had not seen Lipstick Jungle until last night and I am hooked! Loved the show…now to see if i can find last season’s episodes….

  14. LOL!
    I couldn’t agree more.
    I DVR’d the show…need to watch it. :)

  15. Jeannine

    Was that show not amazing! Who expected her to come around the counter PREGGERS!!!! Not me!

  16. Kim

    So excited to see it. I had to wait until today because my best friend and I watch it together. It is a cardinal sin if we don’t!
    So, if anyone missed it, or any episodes, go to nbc.com and watch full episodes online…..mmmmm…..Kirby.
    Wait, how awesome was that scene last year in the bathroom when he wrote his phone number on her leg?

  17. liz

    Yes Kirby is very delicious!!!

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