How-To Video: Watercoloring with Ink


Got a video for you!  It is very stamping-oriented – hope that is ok.  A more scrapbooking-oriented video will be coming soon.

I did this video long ago to go with a card I put on the Hero Arts blog.  Here it is…

(c) Hero Arts Blog. Supplies can be found HERE.

Spending some time looking at the blogs you all mentioned.  Thanks for the links!  I will post some of them next week for everyone to see.  Thanks!  

Good night…

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  1. Sarah M

    Great card Jennifer! I’m SO going to have to try that!

  2. Linda J

    Thanks Jennifer – I am looking forward to trying this!:)

  3. donna m.

    I just love watching your videos! You make everything seem so easy and effortless…

  4. Great video…thanks for sharing!

  5. Oriana Daly

    Awesome technique.. Love it ! Thanks

  6. Sandi


    Wow…I did not know I could use inks like this. You have opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my inks.

    Thanks so much for sharing this gem of a video!!!!!

    Sandi N.

  7. Lisa D. Atha

    I love that card. Such pretty and cheerful colors.

  8. Josiek

    Jennifer, I love the whole “masking” technique but when I think of doing it, I kinda get “mentally challenged.” I forget which part I’m masking…it’s actually quite hilarious to see happen. I once took a stamping class where masking was one of the techniques used and the instructor actually had to come over and show me exactly how to do it step by step. Why the block do you think? I don’t know…all I know is that it looks really simple and then when it comes time for me to try it..I find myself talking out loud step by step..can you believe I am responsible for small children and at times even aloud to operate heavy machinery like a car? Just kidding…

  9. beautiful card,and i’ll try this technic

  10. Kim R

    Beautiful card! I kove the videos!

  11. Linda Peterson

    Excellent video—can’t wait to try it.

  12. Tami H

    Stamping oriented is more than OK, heehee! ;) I love the slightly different look you got by using the chalk inks to watercolor. Another must-try idea. :)

  13. That is an awesome technique!!! I love techniques that are so simple but look complicatted! ;)

    What is the name of that ribbon that you use and where can I find some? I have looked everywhere. I had some just like it that I got years ago and I loved it but i can’t seem to find it anymore. Happy Sunday! :)

  14. terri

    love the video! what is the song playing and the artist?

  15. Great video….gotta try this sometime.

    Thank you for sharing :-)

  16. I’ll be darned! I subscribe to the Hero Blog and missed this video! Thanks for posting it here!

  17. Wow — You make something that seems so complex look so easy! I love seeing how casual you are when you craft!

  18. Thank you for the video!! Love it!

  19. Tina in Springboro

    Wow!! When I first saw the card I thought, “there is no way I could do something like that.” Then I watched your video – I am such a see and do type of gal. This is sooooo super easy!!! Thanks again for another wonderful card!!!

  20. Pat

    Besides your web site which I visit daily, I really like my friend, Holly VanDyne’s web site:

    Have a great holiday!!

  21. Well since I LOVE stamping…this was great for me!!! You did such an amazing job, and I love those colors!!!=)

  22. Interesting technique. I’ll have to give that a try sometime.

  23. What a gorgeous card! You ALWAYS amaze me.
    Thanks for sharing your work with us.
    Dayami :)

  24. Ansa

    I absolutely LOVED this card/technique.
    I made one myself and it came out really nice! Thank you.

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