I have had questions about other places to get adhesive.  Stampin' Treasures (who carries all Hero Arts and more) now has the dispenser HERE and the refills HERE.  Prayers answered… I always hoped more stores would carry this fab stuff!

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  1. Rebecca Attwood

    I discovered these on Stamping Treasures the other day after your glowing praise in a previous post – mine are on their way to NZ right now!!

  2. Malinda

    I keep reading places to get these and I just felt that I needed to say that I get mine for a long time now from and the refills are only 3.50 each. I think they have the best price and the ship super fast and free if you order a certain $ amount.

  3. thanks for sharing that! so glad so many people are carrying this now.

  4. i got mine from here

    the refills are cheaper than $3!!
    i have never tried it before ,but decided to give it a try.i hope i like it.

  5. Tina in Springboro

    I was a Herma Girl for 15 years. One day at work, I was forced to use this product – well, needless to say, my I don’t even know where my Herma dispensers are!!! LOVE this adhesive. Only takes a little bit and things stick – did I mention I LOVE this brand of adhesive??????? Also love the same brand in the red dispenser for larger projects!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Tina in Springboro

    Oh, by the way, if you are somewhat local, Simply Scrapbooks in Kettering carries this line.

  7. Sandi

    Jennifer has really good advice. I love this stuff and so will you.


  8. Linda J

    I just ordered this. The last 4 refills of my Herma have had the last 1/3 of the roll folded on the roll (don’t know how to explain – but it makes for a huge waste) – my frustration got the best of me today – and I order product. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Do you use any repositionable adhesive? I need to be able to move things around on my scrapbook pages:)

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