Share, a laugh and giveaway…

Good morning!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Just have a quick share, a cool link and a giveaway.  First?  The share. This is one from a year or so ago – done for Autumn Leaves.  It was at the beginning of my obsession of using lots of mini photos on a layout. ;)

As seen on for Autumn Leaves

Next, the link.  If any of you are font freaks like me, you have got to watch THIS.  Cool Cathy posted the funniest video I seen in a long time… about fonts.  So funny!

OK… now for the giveaway!  How about a whole set of alphabet chipboard letters?  There are 3 in each pack and the letters are huge.  :)


To win, leave a comment guessing the answer to this question: “What cool thing will this Mum be doing tomorrow night in Cincinnati?”  Of all the people who guess correctly what I will be doing tomorrow night, I will pick a winner. Just leave your guess as a comment on this post by 7/28 at 11:59pmPST.  Good luck! :)

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  1. Ok…I am going to guess that you will be going to the Avril Lavigne concert. :) If it is, have fun!

  2. Michele Marshall

    I will guess Avril concert….just like everyone else.

    Michele M

  3. kelly

    Wow- Is it the Jonas brothers concert? If it is hope you have a great time!! HOw awesome.

  4. Cathy

    You would be the coolest Mum ever if you took them to see the Jonas Brothers. Can I come too!? Have fun!
    - Cathy

  5. Searched your blog for answers/clues but found none, so I have to go with the most popular answer in the comments of the Avril/Jonas Bros. concert :o ) Have a blast!

  6. Jill Swanson

    Gotta be the Jonas Brothers Concert. Way Cool, Mom!!! Jill S

  7. Koren

    i’m gonna guess going to a Red’s game.

  8. jill barrett

    teaching a class?

  9. chantille

    My guess Avril/Jonas Brother’s concert??? Have a great time whatever it is….

  10. Lynn J

    Could it be going to the Riverbend Music Center to see Avril and the Jonas Brothers? I saw Kenny Chesney there two summers ago. We were in the pit and got his autograph. I hope you have just as much fun!

  11. Paola Norman

    Well the majority guessed Avril so I will too..

  12. Dawn

    Going to a Reds game???

  13. Shannon

    My guess is the Avril and Jonas Bros. concert!


  14. I am guessing Jonas Brothers concert too! Such a nice mom!

  15. Kim R.

    I bet you are going to the Avril Lavigne concert! I jsut saw her on IN session the other day–on T.v. Have a great time!

  16. Wendy Lust

    Well, I guess I’ll go with the majority and say the Jonas Brothers & Avril Lavigne concert. I hope I went with the right group!

  17. Is it going to Avril Lavigne concert?

  18. leslie o.

    Avril Lavigne & Jonas Bros Concert? If it is… have fun!

  19. Barbara

    since you have young ones- the cincinati zoo maybe?

  20. Shannon

    OK. Guess I’m going with the flow and guessing that you’re taking the girls to the Jonas Brothers concert! Have a great time no matter what you’re planning!

  21. Janice

    I’m guessing Avril/Jonas Bros concert??
    have fun!

  22. I I thought possible American Idol but they are not in OH until Sept. (I’ll be heading to that one with my daughter next week.) So, would have to guess the Avril Lavigne/Jonas Bros concert.

  23. Heather S

    Avril Lavigne/Jonas Brothers Concert?

  24. Sher

    OMG ! I have those papers on my desk this very minute. I hope you won’t mind a little scraplifting. That layout is just too cute.
    My guess would be your are going to the Jonas Bros Concert…..a ticket to that concert makes us all coo.

  25. Leigh

    Umm….going to see Avril Lavigne??

  26. Linda

    Maybe a Cincinnati reds game. Linda Gerig

  27. sophie

    Am I too late to guess that you are going to the Avril Lavigne concert??? Hope you enjoyed yourself!=)

  28. Denise L.

    Dinner and the Jonas Brothers sounds like a girls dream night!

  29. going to a concert?

  30. Angela

    Ok…so I’m in Australia and have no idea where you will be going however I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say…wait for it…The Avril Lavigne concert?
    Whatever you do have a great time and thanks for another fab giveaway. :)

  31. You are going to paint the town RED!! Have FUN!!! Love teh chipboards btw!!

  32. Melissa D

    Is it too late to enter this one? Have a great time, whatever it is you are doing!

  33. I don’t have a clue, BUT I wish you a wonderful evening ! Cheers !

  34. I am guessing the concert too:))

  35. KRissy F

    If it was my hubby he would be taking in a Reds game!

  36. Vera

    Guessing like everybody else…. Jonas concert?? Or making cards!!! :-)

  37. Bronwyn

    i’m going to go with everyone else and say avril lavigne concert…
    because i really have no idea…
    but whatever you do…HAVE FUN!!!

  38. I love Averil! Have fun!

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