Need a smile today?

I did. 

And this did just the trick.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

A big thanks to Lisa for posting it on her blog… making me smile today.  Love you, girl.

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  1. ShellyJ

    very cool :)

  2. Erin

    That was AMAZING! I’d like to think that if he approached me and asked me to join in that I wouldn’t hesitate. A good reminder.

  3. Asel

    What a cute little dance! And he visited my country (Kyrgyzstan) too!!!
    Thank you for a smile!

  4. Erin Glee

    I want to watch this again~SO COOL! *smile*

  5. awesome! :)
    but he didn’t dance in Chile, aaw (I was expecting the Easter Island at least, LOL).

  6. What a great video. It made me smile too.

  7. So cool — – I can’t believe all of the places he’s been to do this!

  8. annette abrahamson

    i loved this! i am sitting here at my desk crying…happy tears!! wouldn’t it be nice that all we had to do was dance with each other to make our world unite?!!

    thanks for the smile :)

  9. Roz Rhorer

    What a SMILE. I added this to one of Fav’s to visit again – and I will. I had happy tears watching this – and I didn’t even need a smile today. Wow – when I need a smile this will be a definite turn to place.

  10. Cindy F.

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s beautiful!
    Made be smile and happy tears started running! Just beautiful!

  11. I put this on my blog and no one seems to like it. Only 1 response. But I LOVED IT thanks to Lisa & now Jennifer. Glad to know I’m not alone here.
    :) Rachel

  12. donna m.

    Thank YOU for sharing and making us smile. I love when Matt is in Kuwait and that dog is hoppin’ around with him…Have a great day!

  13. Is this video supposed to make you cry?!LOL!! I need to travel more huh? Great video. I pointed out chicago because of the big silver bean! Thanks for sharing Jennifer.

  14. That was GREAT! I’ll put that one right up there with FREE HUGS on YouTube! If you haven’t seen that one check it out…it will really make you cry!

  15. Love the video, made me smile and even laugh! Thank you.

  16. JosieK

    Brilliant! Boy, at 5:45pm, kids whining about when Daddy is coming home, laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, I really needed to see this. I sat down and went to your blog and all I can say, is “Thank You.” Totally uplifting! Makes me want to go and dance with the kids.

  17. Sandi

    Makes me want to travel more! What a happy person.

  18. Tami

    Jennifer, Thank you, thank you, thank you for my LAUGH OUT LOUD today! Why does this video make you feel like all the worlds problems would be solved if we all just . . . danced!?! CRAZY! Anyway, I REALLY needed that! This was a blast to watch and you see something different each time! I HAD to show the kids and they LOVED it!!!!! Thanks again!

  19. Shirleen

    That made me smile too! Thanks!

  20. cathy

    that was the coolest! well, i know they were in chicago! (can you tell i don’t get out much?)

  21. Tami H

    That did my heart some serious good…thanks for sharing it, girl! :)

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