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Woohoo! I have the CDs!

Hi, folks!

I am so excited.  I was able to get a bunch of CDs from my brother-in-law, Keith!  I have used his music in my videos here and many of you have emailed asking how to get a copy of his cd.

Keith CH

Well, I now have some to sell to you!  The cost is $15, with shipping included.  All of the money will go to Keith and his family to support the great work they are doing in Africa.  After spending a few years on the MercyShip, they are now living there… opening up a dental clinic.  The clinic is called the Trinity Dental Clinic and you can find a bit of information on it HERE.  There is a great video on there about what they are doing.  (Along with a way to donate, if you feel you would like to.)  This is the road God has led them down.  And although it stinks big time that that road is so far from us (I know – it is selfish, but we love them and miss them), we are proud of them.  They are such good people.  Smooches to you, guys.  We miss you.

(Keith, Taylor, Lauren, Samuel and Kristin, who is Ken's sister)

Now, back to that fab cd.  I have given many to friends over the years and everyone loves it.  It is Christian music, but so much better than any I have been able to find over the years.  And, even if he weren't my BIL, I would honestly say this is my favorite CD of all time. The song "Shelter" that he sang at our wedding is on there.  (You can hear this song in THIS video.  It will make you melt.)  If you are like me and love music with that is "just a guy and a guitar," this cd is for you. πŸ™‚

Anyway, if you are interested in buying a copy, I will get it in the mail to you right away.  Just click the "email me" button up there on the sidebar and I will give you the info for Paypal or where to send a check. 

Thanks, all.  I am very proud of Keith.  He is an all-around-good guy with an incredible voice and ability to write music. I tell ya, there is nothing better than listening to him sing in person when he plays the guitar.  All the kids in the family gather around.  So cool.

OK… back to scrapbooking tomorrow.  I promise.  I have two videos coming up.  One on grungeboard and one on fun stuff with chipboard.