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Good morning!

In one of my classes a few weeks ago, I was talking about a project I did for my online CK article.  A few students mentioned that they didn’t know I had one.  So, I thought I would share it here so they could find it. :)

I do two online articles a month for called Technique Corner.  For the first half of the month, I share additional how-to’s and ideas for whatever product I used in that month’s actual magazine issue.  For the second half, I revisit a product I did in the past.  For each article, I make 3 projects and often show how-to steps.

This month, I revisited decorative scissors!  What a challenge.  Here is one of the projects from it.


The article this month is HERE.  (Includes the supply list for this project on the 3rd page.) 

You can find new articles by going to and clicking the "magazine" tab.  In the middle, it says "more articles."  The articles can be found there – Technique Corner.

I just noticed that the put up my newest article on using staples HERE.  If you have ever struggled to attached a huge bow to a project, check it out.  The idea in there may help you. :)   Here is the card I did.


And another fun peek at a staple idea shown in there…


I would love to show you how to find all my old articles on there (there are probably 15 or so past articles)… but I don’t know how.  I will see if I can figure it out.

Have a good Tuesday… I am off to work.  I have a lot to do – eek!  (Thank God for Starbucks peppermint mochas.  They are yummy… anyone else love those?)

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  1. Candy

    I haven’t tried the peppermint mocha, but I love the white chocolate mocha and the caramel machiato. I love the idea with the staples as stems!!!! I am going to try that one out today!

  2. kristina

    Thanks for the links, Jennifer! Love that layout and those cards! What a great idea to use staples as stems! VERY creative! :) I haven’t tried the Peppermint Mocha, but it sure sounds good! Yum! Have a great day!

  3. awesome blog, jen…love the projects!!

  4. oh Jen, I’m so thrilled you are blogging and posting directions. I am really missing my lss :( .
    Are you still teaching in Cinn.? I feel like I need a room full of scrapping fun.

    …and the staples article was adorable. Of course, you’d know how to keep those big bows on! Love that suggestion.
    … anyway, just stopping by to say “hi”…
    (and of course on the starbucks…:))

  5. Ooooo… I need to try the caramel one next time they are out of peppermint! Thanks!

  6. Holy cow, I love this blog b/c I’ve already learned so much. From this one post:

    1. I had NO idea that peppermint mochas were all year round! I thought it was just a Christmas thing, and now I want to cry that I’ve missed months of no p-mochas b/c I thought they were seasonal! argh!!!!!

    2. I had NO idea you had another online column at!!!!!! I have to admit, a lot of what goes into CK is just so above how I scrap, but you Jennifer, are the anchor btwn old and new and THAT is the reason I keep subscribing!!!!!!


  7. what fun! glad you started a blog!

  8. Pam

    Oh, yeah.. love the peppermint mochas!!

    Thanks for the link to your articles – I’ll check them out.

  9. I LOVE peppermint mochas… just got one yesterday for monday morning staff meeting, in fact!@

  10. Jana

    Cute cute cute!

    I found the older articles! Go to the magazine tab on the website and on the drop down box click Archived Issues and you will find article there when you pick an issue. It doesn’t go too far back so we better keep up on checking every month! :-)

  11. Jana

    Oops! It goes WAY far back! But I still plan to do a better job of keeping up with the articles! :-)

  12. i tend to forget to check the online articles even though i know they’re there. lol! your article in CK each month is my favorite … so i really have to go check out your online ones that i missed!

    beautiful layout jennifer! i can so relate to your journaling. good to remember that we just have to try our best … and that is usually good enough.

    p.s. … i’m all about the java chip frappacino’s … i can’t get through my day without one! lol!

  13. Tami H

    That is the most luxurious, gorgeous bow…brilliant with the stapling! Thanks for the links…I forget to check online for new stuff.

  14. Stacey Dahn

    Those Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolates are totally fab!

  15. Candi Tardio

    that is also my FAVE drink from starbucks :) ))))))
    lovin’ your blog!!!

  16. can you believe NO starbucks where I live??? LOL Probably a good thing (for me!).

    So glad you posted the links. I had NO idea about the online articles. :)
    Have a great evening!

  17. I saw these on CK. You are so inventive (if that’s a correct word?). Great things you make! Thank you Jana for the directions to find the older articles. I have been searching last week and couldn’t find them. Jennifer, maybe it’s an idea to put all the past articles on your blog, so we have everything altogether in one easy accessable place? In case you have nothing else to do, which I doubt LOL.

    Greetings, Christa from the Netherlands

  18. hey girlfriend…YOU ROCK!!! :o )

  19. im crazy for starbucks :)
    and im crazy for that layout of you! love the bright colors and what you did with the scissors in the white area! beautiful! ur so smart! :)

  20. Love the bow card…and the layout. I really like your thoughts on it…I think most of us mothers can totally relate!

  21. so glad that you started blogging.i love ,love your work .super inspiring.
    i’m a peppermint girl as well, but i try to stay away from so i buy the mint skinny cow ice cream sandwiches to get my mint

  22. Such a pretty LO. :)

    And the staple ideas? BRILLIANT.

    Caramel Macchiatos all the way, baby! ;)

  23. Man here I thought I was the only one!! LOL!! Starbuck’s Peppermint Mochas are my absolute must have and I am so bummed when they take them off the sign but you can still get them by just asking and they will whip it up for you!! I always get mine iced because I am an iced kinda girl even in the dead of winter! My bff thinks I am crazy! Oh well, that is how I roll!! On another note I love your article and am always smackin’ my forehead with that “man, why didn’t I think of that!”. You totally ROCK the techniques especially for those items we all have but don’t always remember that we do!!

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