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I am away for the weekend teaching at the Sue Gilman Rep Show.  I only really travel for big trade shows and rep shows.  And I LOVE rep shows.  Just in my room for a little break before a long night of make and takes.

I got several emails asking some of the same thing, so I thought I would share here. :)   One question was where I get the vintage text paper.  Only because I love ya, I am gonna share my wonderful source.  Hee.  I get all my vintage text paper from this wonderful seller on ebay.  She is great.  You can also buy old books at antique stores, but be careful. I once bought a medial dictionary.  And it is really hard to find pages in there that don’t have words on it that you wouldn’t want on a card.  Ha…

The other question was how I did the photo collage on the Sweetie page.  I have to get going, but I promise to answer that here soon. :)

But in the meantime, I thought I would share a project from the recent book, The Recipe Book.  This is one of the last AL books that I contributed to.  (I felt I was running out of juice… and time.  So, just taking a break.)  But anyway, this is a share from the book.  (Which, btw, is a GREAT book.) 


Autumn Leaves and KI Memories paper
Doodlebug Sequins
Hero Arts gems
A lot of kitchen plates
Sewing machine

Have a good day!  Gotta go meet my buddy, Shari, and others for dinner. 

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  1. That layout makes me smile! So cute!

    I’m so jealous that you get to hang out with Shari. Tell her I said hi!

  2. What a beautiful page!! Great job!

  3. im loving that you are sharing on this blog so much. such good stuff, jen. have a great weekend!

  4. loved this page in the “recipe book” … which is an incredible book! i love how you sewed around the torn circles. can barely use my sewing machine … so i don’t think i’d ever be able to sew in a circle. lol!

  5. Love the primary colors! Darling photos of Colin too!

  6. Sweet—-oh, this is so much fun to look at!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Sweet—-oh, this is so much fun to look at!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  8. Oh fun!! Thanks for the link to the ebay seller. I LOVE ephemera and I’m always looking for new sources.

  9. this was one of my fav’s from that book…the circles are WAY cool. such a cutie!

  10. this is lovely full of great ideas !

  11. Ginger

    Tell Shari I said “Hey girlie!”. LOVE that girl! :)

    Have fun at the rep show!

  12. This LO is just adorable. I really like what you did with the photos! And of course the torn, stitched circles are also genius. ;)

    I am ROFL at the medical dictionary! Too funny. :D

  13. Glee Scrap

    Love that lo from the AL book…was trying to figure how you did the cute torn cicles, and then I read “lots of dinner plates” and had a good laugh!

  14. So cute and colorful! Love the way you arranged the photos!

  15. Absolutely LOVE this layout!!! The colors are perfect!!

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