Stuck in the Boston airport…

… with a delayed flight.  Boogers.

But thought I would log in to show you all this.  I am so excited… Hero’s new blog.

This is going to be huge… not your normal blog.  So much will be going on there and lots of prizes!!!  Check it out.

Book share…


I am away for the weekend teaching at the Sue Gilman Rep Show.  I only really travel for big trade shows and rep shows.  And I LOVE rep shows.  Just in my room for a little break before a long night of make and takes.

I got several emails asking some of the same thing, so I thought I would share here. :)   One question was where I get the vintage text paper.  Only because I love ya, I am gonna share my wonderful source.  Hee.  I get all my vintage text paper from this wonderful seller on ebay.  She is great.  You can also buy old books at antique stores, but be careful. I once bought a medial dictionary.  And it is really hard to find pages in there that don’t have words on it that you wouldn’t want on a card.  Ha…

The other question was how I did the photo collage on the Sweetie page.  I have to get going, but I promise to answer that here soon. :)

But in the meantime, I thought I would share a project from the recent book, The Recipe Book.  This is one of the last AL books that I contributed to.  (I felt I was running out of juice… and time.  So, just taking a break.)  But anyway, this is a share from the book.  (Which, btw, is a GREAT book.) 


Autumn Leaves and KI Memories paper
Doodlebug Sequins
Hero Arts gems
A lot of kitchen plates
Sewing machine

Have a good day!  Gotta go meet my buddy, Shari, and others for dinner. 

Quick one…

Busy madness going on here!

Just thought I would share one that I taught at an awesome store in Dayton called Simply Scrapbooks.  I normally don’t travel to teach at stores (just too many I would love to go to!), but this one is less than an hour away.  And it is an incredible store! (I have a link in the sidebar to my very local store, Stamp Your Art Out.  Love that place, too.  I teach there often.  I have never seen a store with so many stamps!  Can you say "heaven?!")

OK… blabbing… can you tell I am procrastinating getting stuff done?  Hee.

This one looks odd in the photo.  The background is much softer in real life.  For the butterfly, I stamped it with Versamark ink on vellum and heat embossed with white powder.  I adhered just the body of the little guy onto the card, then rolled up a mini glue dot and tucked it under each wing.  This makes the wings stick up and stay there.  Love doing that with little butterflies.  And, of course, I used some vintage text book paper – a favorite of mine for cards.



Hero Arts stamps (flourish, butterflies and greetings), notecard and pearls

Versamark Ink

Memories Sand Ink

May Arts velvet ribbon

Other: vintage text paper and vellum

If you want to see an awesome card using that butterfly set, check this out.  Lisa Spangler did it and it was one of my favorite cards in the catalog.

Have a great night.  I am excited about watching Celebrity Apprentice.  Is anyone else lovin’ Trace Adkins?  He really surprised me.  I really like him…

Stamping is so easy…

One thing I know for sure is that I spend way too much time on my scrapbook pages.

Does anyone else feel this way?

It is part of the reason I haven’t done as many pages lately.  I. am. just. way. to. slow.

But tonight I wanted to do a page.  And it was super fast, thanks to stamping.  I was inspired by the fabulous Lisa Truesdell’s page on  (I tell ya – that girl has a TON of talent.  Wow!  She had sent me that adorable photo of her cutie playing with the Hero Arts’ sweetie stamp and I asked her to do a page with it.  Thanks, Lisa!)  I was going to do a page with lots of stamped borders like she did, but then the page took a mind of it’s own.  And it only took me 30 minutes!  (That is a record for me, baby!  Woot!) 

I should note that a big reason it didn’t take long is because I just grabbed my two favorite clear stamp sets, Dots and Lines and Circular Designs.  You can’t go wrong with those!  Also, I just used leftover little photos from an album I did (it is in May’s CK) and a new photo I just got from Colin’s 6 month photo shoot.  (Photo taken by Angela Talentino.)

By the way, the little photos are on pop dots, so it scanned a bit weird.  Yes, I am obsessed with pop dots. :)




Hero Arts stamps (circles,  borders, alphabets and sweetie) and gems.

Heidi Swapp stars

White Memories ink

Colorbox Chocolates and Blueberries chalk ink queue

OK… off to work. I have classes this weekend and I have to put the powerpoint presentation together. Love teaching classes when you can show each step on the screen! 

Night night!

CK online article…

Good morning!

In one of my classes a few weeks ago, I was talking about a project I did for my online CK article.  A few students mentioned that they didn’t know I had one.  So, I thought I would share it here so they could find it. :)

I do two online articles a month for called Technique Corner.  For the first half of the month, I share additional how-to’s and ideas for whatever product I used in that month’s actual magazine issue.  For the second half, I revisit a product I did in the past.  For each article, I make 3 projects and often show how-to steps.

This month, I revisited decorative scissors!  What a challenge.  Here is one of the projects from it.


The article this month is HERE.  (Includes the supply list for this project on the 3rd page.) 

You can find new articles by going to and clicking the "magazine" tab.  In the middle, it says "more articles."  The articles can be found there – Technique Corner.

I just noticed that the put up my newest article on using staples HERE.  If you have ever struggled to attached a huge bow to a project, check it out.  The idea in there may help you. :)   Here is the card I did.


And another fun peek at a staple idea shown in there…


I would love to show you how to find all my old articles on there (there are probably 15 or so past articles)… but I don’t know how.  I will see if I can figure it out.

Have a good Tuesday… I am off to work.  I have a lot to do – eek!  (Thank God for Starbucks peppermint mochas.  They are yummy… anyone else love those?)

Happy Easter!

Hope your day is happy, fun, blessed and full of candy. :)

And!  I picked a winner.  Actually, Colin picked a winner… I copied all the names to a document and he played with the mouse for a bit and this is the one that he pointed to when I asked him.  Very scientific, huh? :)

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am a huge fan of yours.     Your Tools & Techniques article is the main reason I buy CK. ;) Hope you have a great weekend!               ~Roree

Roree is the winner!  Please email me at the link on the side so I can get your addy. :)   Thanks!


Hero Arts notecards and stamps (animals and greeting)
Cuttlebug embossing tools (oh my… love the dot one!)
Prismacolor pencils
Martha Stewart cloud sticker